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Comment Re:Spoken like an American; come to Europe instead (Score 1) 449

I suspect your opinion is formed on the basis of opinions of some people that simply do not have any understanding of the actual legal facts on the ground in either country. Your mentioning of Texas for example suggests that you have an opinion that Texas has a legal right to secede from US - a fairly common misconception about that particular state held in certain strata of society. It does not in fact have such a right, as it would be unconstitutional, as states do not have a legal right to secede from USA, unlike member countries of United Kingdom. In fact the only way it could possibly do that, is to have a pan-US vote on the issue, which would be very difficult to organise, and would almost certainly result in a rejection.

As a point of comparison, Scotland is setting a referendum in a few years, and all it needs for approval is majority of the residents of Scotland - rest of the Union has no say.

There are similar differences in legal, financial, linguistic, cultural and other aspects of society.

Crown dependencies are on the other hand not members of the Union, so they obviously don't count in the first place. Not certain why you chose to drag them into this.

Comment Re:I would like to know (Score 2) 76

SSD do much better when mated to a highly optimized controller that does a lot of background work tailored specifically to flash memory. OS has no idea about any of that - it just has some basic cache management and TRIM. It probably wouldn't either - this stuff is typically trade secret and the reason why SSD controllers are so important for performance of the drive.

Comment Re:Spoken like an American; come to Europe instead (Score 1) 449

Federal in United Kingdom?


Do you even understand what United Kingdom is? It's a union of four nations. There is no "federation" in there. It's a union of nations of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.

These nations have far, FAR more independence than any state area in a federation would dream of.

Comment Re:Wow, that was so full of stupid... (Score 4, Insightful) 449

Correct. They should. At the fair price.

And in perfect world a non-profit, probably government-financed organisation would build those and then lease them to private companies. That way no one has the stranglehold on competition and private business can actually flourish instead of being strangled by private monopolies with power to bully everyone, including law makers into doing what they want to be done.

Comment Re:The launch was smooth (Score 1) 166

As has been pointed out, that's likely because the new players that are needed to clog the servers never came.

There are two ways of doing a smooth launch. You can prepare enough servers and test them severely before hand, or you can mess your game so badly that people don't come back to play expansions.

Comment Re:Democracy is like a bus trip for Erdogan (Score 1) 102

Of course they aren't. Most Turks are rural people. Their main concerns are purity of Islam in Turkey and next crop season.

Euronews just aired a clip on pro-Erdogan demo, people were shown as saying to camera that Ergodan hasn't gone far enough, and that he should ban the entire internet in the country if "they continue to insult our prime minister".

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