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Comment Re:Democracy is like a bus trip for Erdogan (Score 1) 102

Of course they aren't. Most Turks are rural people. Their main concerns are purity of Islam in Turkey and next crop season.

Euronews just aired a clip on pro-Erdogan demo, people were shown as saying to camera that Ergodan hasn't gone far enough, and that he should ban the entire internet in the country if "they continue to insult our prime minister".

Comment Re:Poor Engineering Trade-off (Score 1) 217

I'd go even further. Because of this focus on amount of pixels rather than quality, we're not getting quality content. Modern mobile GPUs could probably push PS3/XB360 quality graphics at 480-720p. We could have had a controller-like phone holder and play previous gen console games on the phones if not for this fetish.

Instead all you get is crap like angry birds, flappy bird and so on. Deus Ex game mobile game was so terrible, it wasn't even funny, and it really, REALLY tried to push the envelope as much as possible with the format - it looked worse than most PS2 games. It's essentially impossible to make a good looking game on mobile today, because if you're going to support the native resolution, you have to make graphics quality awful to make mobile GPU able to play it.

It would be awesome if 480p or 720p would the most popular resolution, GPUs would continue to grow in power and we would have xb360/PS3 games ported to phones because there would actually be enough power to run them without massive changes.

Comment Re: approximately the resolution of an adult eye @ (Score 5, Interesting) 217

That is false. You are thinking old people, who with time lose ability to hear higher frequency sounds. Average adults can often hear higher frequencies, and young people can hear even higher ones.

I still remember a case of walking around a certain field in the countryside with an old relative and he was complaining about the fact that there used to be a lot of grasshoppers in this place and now the environmental pollution killed them all since it's all quiet. At the same time, grasshopper noises where everywhere. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it's just his age and his reduced ability to hear higher frequency sounds.

Comment Re: Well done, Vladimir! (Score 1) 88

Yet all of the major Western powers are guilty of this. Are we all insane? And when you live in the world full of insane murderers, what good is it to be the only sane person?

As for your strange quip, "subject" is a legal term used to describe those citizens who are subject to laws of the land in certain languages. Russians tend to use very formal language on governmental level. The english term is used in the same way in UK. Essentially you're bitching about a cultural difference, but misattribute it to Putin himself.

Here is an example of the usage of the term:

Comment Re: Well done, Vladimir! (Score 1) 88

Bad news. Putin is not insane. That is the dumb propaganda line meant for the ignorant or those who like to believe that world is simple, and that anyone who has an opposing point of view can only be "insane".

He's logical leader who believes first and foremost in his national interest. We have a lot of same kind of leaders, through they are generally much weaker and less capable of strategic calculations that Putin. As a result, there's absolutely nothing against someone like Bush starting a world war three because he thinks Russia won't reciprocate in kind.

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