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Comment 1 teardown is not decent a stat' sample, (Score 1) 531

While it is indicative, one teardown is hardly a statistical sample to base QC on. The things mentioned all sound like non-core functionality. It is dissapointing, but this is precisely the maths that good statistical tolerancing would do. If we replace eg 5% of units in the 1st 12 months with warranty, we save 15% on unit assembly costs if we let the workers strip a few screws. Good enough is what matters to Apple and consumers.

Submission + - iPhones Reveal Passwords Regardless of Protection (

Orome1 writes: Losing your iPhone or iPad equals having your passwords compromised — even if the device is protected with a passcode. The results of an experiment conducted by Jens Heider and Matthias Boll, two researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, have proven that the combination of a modified jailbreaking technique and the installation of an SSH server on a device running iOS results in a complete circumvention of the passcode. According to the researchers, this is not the first time that someone managed to access great portions of the data stored in these devices without having to know the passcode. "Tools are available for this tasks that require only small effort. This is done by tricking the operating system to decrypt the file system on behalf of the attacker. This decryption is possible, since on current iOS devices the required cryptographic key does not depend on the user’s secret passcode," they explain.

Submission + - Secret plan to kill Wikileaks with FUD leaked ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Three information security consultancies with links to US spy agencies cooked up a dirty tricks campaign late last year to destroy Wikileaks by exploiting its perceived weaknesses, reads a presentation released by the whistleblowers'(TM) organisation that it claimed to be from the conspirators. Consultants at US defence contractors Palantir Technologies, Berico Technologies and HBGary proposed to lawyers for a desperate Bank of America an alliance that would work to discredit the whistleblowers’ website using a divide and conquer approach. Since the plan was hatched, disgruntled volunteers mentioned in the PDF broke away from Wikileaks, financial institutions withdrew services, Apelbaum was harassed by the US Government and Amazon denied service to Wikileaks' website.

Comment Isnt this against the point of the internets (Score 1) 152

I understand that the internet was invented/evolved as a robust distributed system that allowed communication specifically even when subject to attack or damage. Having a 'kill switch' is completely against the core purpose. as mentioned earlier, you just introduce an attack vector that was engineered not to exist. just get enought leverage against the killswitch operator and you can cause major damage.

I speculate that this is a major reason behind tiered internet. the kill switch can shutdown only the 'low tier' users of the internet, (punters, small businesses, the small fish, whatever). But, the top tier (military, corporation, gov, banking,power generation, big fish, ) can keep running unaltered (maybe even faster, and with more hardening). In this situation, the killswitch looks a lot more useful, or at least useable.

Submission + - Social media aids authoritarian regimes, expert wa (

qwerty8ytrewq writes: Describes issues of social change, social media, democratization and control of the Internet.

Source: ABC News
Published: Wednesday, January 5, 2011 8:15 AEDT
Expires: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 8:15 AEDT

Stanford University's Evgeny Morozov says that social media can aid authoritarian governments rather than democracy.

Comment This makes sense, boundaries btwn ad and entertain (Score 1) 167

are essentially being eroded. This is a good thing. Advertisers are essentially being quality controlled. product placement has known this for a while. Just look at the latest lady gaga video, or an episode of Madmen. Full of stuff for you to buy, and fun to watch. People like me will even plug for you, (Doh!). What we think of as ad banners will become decor, or whatever in their own right. wait... Isn't this just a diggit or 'like' tool for ads? I think this firefox plugin that lets you choose your own "ads" is a much better idea.

Comment Re:Grown Ups. (Score 1) 362

I agree with your 1st paragraph but 2nd para. I don't agree gaming is purely about making money and simple implementation, these are factors true for Big Game Shops, but beauty, fun, interest, kudos of hot design hit hard, and the little players have a history of using them in the game industry.

Comment This is a niche op for someone (Score 1) 362

screens are so cheap now, many people have their own lappy they drag around, or a smartphone that can hook in. I predict that soon clever developers will hook into existing hardware. eg new consoles with bluetooth, wifi, usb2 etc become a hub, byo displays. The genre will shift a little to be more like site-specific networked gaming. bring on the future! I think also that what is happening is that games are leaving the living room, the London Tube Game Chromaroma (sic), Up In The Air and so forth. the spilt screen coop is really about a shared experience at its core, and this will never die. The above posters are correct i agree part of this slump is about revenue from broader gear consumption and subscription fees.

Submission + - Boy of 15 fitted with robotic heart (

An anonymous reader writes: What do you do when a 15-year-old boy is close to death and ineligible for a heart transplant? If you’re Dr Antonio Amodeo you turn to an artificial solution and transplant a robotic heart giving the boy another 20-25 years of life.

The Italian boy in question suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy which rapidly degenerates the muscles and eventually leads to death. Having such a disease renders the boy ineligible for a heart transplant meaning almost certain death without an alternative solution.

Dr Amodeo found such an alternative in the form of a 90 gram fully-robotic heart that took 10 hours to fit inside the boy’s left ventricle. It is a permanent solution offering as much as 25 years of life and is powered by a battery worn as a belt and connected to behind his left ear.

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