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Comment Re:Get a rope! POLITICIANS First! (Score 1) 251

That's funny, the ridiculous loan I was offered in '05 was most definitely not backed by F & F. It was simply a bank assuming that property values would rise fast enough that risk was zero. I ended up going with a different broker, when the one that I was working with offered me the loan to "make my life easier".

Comment Re:Arrows on keyboard (Score 1) 102

I have Hackers Keyboard installed on android for just that reason.

It's android 2.3 (Gingerbread) keyboard, but with all of the keys (including under the Fn menu F-keys, SysRq Num Lock etc.

It's a touch small, but usable on a phone (I only switch to it when using SSH because of this). It offers easy keyboard swapping too.

Comment Re:Caffeine is a drug.. (Score 1) 212

Yes, but the post you are responding to is comparing soda levels of HFCS (and artificial sweeteners) to coffee.

I don't buy that HFCS is particularly bad, but I am willing to be the sugar calories in a self-sugared (or non-sugared even, there was no implication of over-sweet coffee) are far lower than red-bull or soda.

Comment Re:Uh ... What? (Score 2) 320

I think you can put your work in the public domain, also there are licenses such as the WTFPL, also, a license like CC without the riders should work too i think.

And if you want to make a political statement, add a rant before the license, something like damn those capitalist pigs, I shouldn't have to do this.

Comment Re:My teenage daughter's answer would be 100... (Score 1) 217

Mine ranges from 3k-6k, I'm an adult too!.

My minutes have dropped from 2k -> 200 in the last 5 years, as my messages went up from 30.

Though technically probably only approx 50% of these are me sending, and another 50% are me receiving. Also though, I'm not counting my Google Voice texts (1100 incoming this month, mostly from Canada, can't speak to outgoing). Google voice breaks at 160 characters though, so it probably slightly over-estimates.

I work away from home a lot, I like to keep in touch with those close to me, and I like to do it without interrupting or trapping them (and them the same, thus the drop in phone minutes).

Comment Re:Need better security (Score 1) 71

It'd be interesting to see:
1) how much dollar savings/account holder was saved in europe and asia (couldn't deduce it at a glance), and what the actual cost of those pads are (my friend pays $15 (10 pounds) for one, and has lost it more than once. Also, the ability to not bank if she leaves her purse at a friends for a day or two is an additional annoyance).

If fraud is costing the average account holder less than $20/year, I don't like the idea of giving the banks another way to charge fees...

Comment Re:Need better security (Score 1) 71

According to the first paragraph in my link there's 26,000,000 mobile bank users in the US (I'm using this, the lowest possible valid number of account holders for this, as fewer people for same fraud means more fraud/person). I got this number by assuming 200,000,000 total account holders (108,000,000 x 2 approximated, as 108,000,000 was 46%, and currently 13% use mobile banking). If we take the US total fraud (approx .5 of 7.6 billion) and the 26 million numbers, we get about $136 per a mobile account holder, if we use the 200,000,000 number (total account holders) we get $17/account holder.

At $136/account holder it's probably worth it, at $17 it's probably not (as you mentioned the largest fraud segment would not be prevented). I think the fact that US banks haven't implemented it on their own says a lot about the over-all cost to value ratio, keep in mind, that in the IS at least, the banks eat almost all of the fraud.

note, this assumes 3.8 Billion in US bank fraud, if it was in the same ballpark of that 86 million number to be fixed I'd say no way.


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