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Comment Re:lawsuit by proxy? (Score 3, Interesting) 367

Doesn't matter, it would encourage the drilling companies to act more honestly.

The Amish want fair dealings without lawsuits, the corporations want to take advantage of the lack of lawsuits to deal unfairly. If a third party reaps 100% of the reward of a lawsuit, things are likely to be more, not less enforced, which should encourage fairer dealings with the Amish than the general population, a win win for the Amish.

Comment Re: *sigh* (Score 1) 358

Over the last 40 years we have already lost more cultural artifacts that were created for the entirety of human history.

If this is true, it stands to reason we are creating cultural artifacts at such an increased rate that even if only a small percentage survive, future generations will have a more detailed picture of now than has existed in the past. I believe I read that half of all photographs ever taken were taken in the last few years. It doesn't take a high keep rate for things to be better preserved than from any other time in history.

Comment Re:Or the opposite (Score 1) 102

I think (observationally/anecdotally) that humans have a variety of predispositions in the monogamy area. Some people are incapable of it, some are super predisposed to it. I haven't personally seen these traits correlate with peoples adherence to social norms in other areas. We'll see more public non-monogamy I assume that just as there is a spectrum of suexual orientations, and sex drives, there is a spectrum of pairing drive for lack of a better term. The way that people are driven to behave non-monogamously is pretty varied even.

Comment Re: Analog hole (Score 2) 172

I always opt for the pat down, they often try to tell me it's sound waves, I tell them I am a physicist by trade (I am not at all) and that I know what a millimeter wave is, I also tell them I hope they are getting paid enough because it's unlikely they will have a long healthy retirement. They go quiet.

Comment Re:Free copies of office (Score 1) 113

Yeah, I imagine people that make the conscious choice to use a product that is not the norm to be happier with it than those stuck using Office for whatever reason, or that didn't like the non status quo product.

The same can be said for Linux users for example, people that use it prefer it over MS, but there's plenty that tried it once and it didn't meet their needs.

Comment Re: Preserve Cultural Heritage (Score 1) 155

I'm betting the words space and ship are in there to some extent. Ship probably being adjectives added to the word canoe and made compound. Space likely would be something closer to sky, still, it's a pretty safe bet that words to describe the place where the stars are exist in every language (except the mole men, they don't see the stars).

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