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Comment Re: The car sales industry is notoriously broken (Score 1) 446

Where I am they often do that, but they also register the car for you. The fees are based on the state you are registering in (this is DE/PA, in DE we have no sales tax, but there is some type of fee based specifically on car price that they charge for registration), but I'm not disincentivized to shop in PA.

Comment Re:rather have money (Score 1) 524

The problem with a high-deductible plan is that it disincentives being healthy.

So much as looking at a scalpel is going to cost damned near 5 grand (1200 deductable, the 80% coverage to 5k out of pocket).

I may as well not have health insurance at that point. Or only emergency coverage. Yes the point is to save, and everyone wins, but in 15 -25 years, when my cohort reaches middle age, and we haven't been going to the doctor as things crop up, it's going to suck for those left with the bill.

Comment Re: What's really needed... (Score 1) 129

I don't think it needs to be particularly accurate even.

If I'm not mistaken, the token changes every 30, and the server allows for a shift of one token in either direction (90 second window).

If you slide to one of the non centered tokens, the server makes note, and rec enters you. Considering my crappiest clock (my car) gains about 5 minutes a year, any regular use password (monthly or so) would be fine with even a sloppy clock.

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