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Comment Re:I Wish America Hated Censorship (Score 2) 223

Ahem. Freedom is also having the right to sell or not sell what you please. I may not agree with Apple or Walmart in regards to what they won't sell, but I do respect their right to choose what they won't sell. You always have other alternatives and always will unless the government bans them. Self censorship is and should always be allowed, without it we may as well have the government force a christian book store to sell playboy or a doughnut shop to sell salads.

Comment Re:My psychic prediction (Score 1) 465

Much as I am a fan of open source, isn't that just a variation of the 'broken window' fallacy?

Not really. We are talking about money that will be spent with a closed source application vs a programmer, if the OP was talking about hiring a programmer and installing open source software vs no software then you would be correct.

Comment Re:Why was it ever relevant? (Score 1) 369

Also in the old days music was good. I'm not talking about the generational gap and how all the music today sucks, I'm just saying that most music today is assembly line corporate crap. It's designed to be catchy, it's designed to be universal, and in the end it's bland. Real musicians/songwriters still exist, but the record labels make more money of a one hit wonder band that they create compared to a band with actual talent and staying power. The problem is that a one hit wonder gets annoying after a few weeks of overexposure. Remember when Titanic was in theaters and EVERY radio station played 'My Heart will go on' sometimes at the same time? Made you want to shoot your radio and did not make you need to buy the album. So marketing had to change, and it has little to do with piracy.

Comment Re:I know the fix (Score 1) 459

Most phones are easily rooted and there are all sorts of forums where you can find the proper android install to use. When it comes time to flash your device you need to be extra careful and find as much information as possible, but it is doable. Just don't be the first person to try something or you might end up with a paperweight.

Comment Re:Not Samsung... T-Mobile (Score 1) 459

This actually makes sense. I have a couple t-mobile phones and they are far from stock firmware, as such I expect them to lag behind android releases so the custom crapware can be upgraded to work properly. When I get fed up enough I'll flash my phones and update, but it hasn't come to that yet. One of my biggest complaints with custom firmware is removal of features, haven't noticed any issues on my current phones, but on my razor they took away the dynamic backlight. I guess if something is to complicated or potentially troublesome for the tech support lines they just remove it.

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