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Comment I like the saying: (Score 1) 262

The censorship of the word is what gives it power.

Somewhat true really, if the word was mainstream and not something people were shocked or suprised to hear, it would not be something people would need to hide or shelter others from.

On a similar line of thought....why do we use a word for certain things? Because at some point someone decided that word would mean that. Subjective by person

An apple might be called a quazar, a fish might be a globbitygook...all based on who decided to name that thing however long ago really, at least thats my view on the whole of language. (just look at how each language has different words for various things!)

Comment Re:Better value per dollar (Score 3, Insightful) 211

Strange the person may've bought an actual semi useful thing..once they get some of the junk off of it!

Perhaps the bootleggers in this example have actually produced something with some degree of quality/usefulness that surpasses the real one...well at least to the Apple haters out there of course.

Comment Re:SEE!!! (Score 2, Interesting) 211

I doubt it will protect us really, afterall I have my own views on how well 'anti-counterfeiting' will work in countries that have repeatedly basically said "We'll do something about it!" then obviously not done anything.

As for moral of the story we can take another from it...

"There is a strong market for cheap thrill devices in bars!"

Comment Never fails to astound... (Score 5, Insightful) 211

You know I'm almost never ceasing to be amazed by the effort and dedication of people who bootleg.

So much hard work. So much time spent working out how to design, construct, and replicate just close enough to make the sale and in some places even make a 'moderately' working replica.

If only the bootleggers could be recruited to actually create and sell your product!

On another thought you have to wonder on a component standpoint some of the bootleggers/replicators (wow sounds like I'm talking about some robot race) throw it all together with all that effort and sell it so cheap when a suitably crappy real version can cost quadruple or more!

Comment Re:This is BAD BAD BAD (Score 1) 226

Thats actually an interesting psychological aspect. Most everyone needs to find a social group to identify with and most of the child development that I'm aware of (at least socially) requires finding that group no?

By the same token aren't we somewhat moving away from the requirement of direct social interaction as the internet social monster continues to grow. While it may not replace it can perhaps provide some 'assistance' in finding an identity and place socially...even if not too grand of a social culture (at least in terms of how many view such culture.)

I wonder though if retinal implants could really be made to be removable on even a semi consistent basis. The cochlear implant obviously can but retinal seems a bit more touchy of an area ya know?

Comment Re:This is BAD BAD BAD (Score 1) 226

Actually this has alot more grand possibilities then simply helping the disabled too. Imagine when it can have IR and UV range visiblity to it. Imagine when you can put some form of built in magnification. Imagine if you could dynamically filter out specific light wavelengths?

The implications of this sort of technology can very quickly become staggering in terms of taking humans beyond the 'visible' spectrum requirement and into so much wilder landscapes.

Yes it starts with helping the disabled because they have nothing and many have experiences and ability or even potential that could grow and help others with the ability to see once more. They also have 'nothing to lose' if the procedure does not work. If the implant does not function did the patient lose anything more then still being blind? It becomes a test base and a possibility of helping people. A win win for the company and society.

Comment Re:Very nice (Score 1) 64

I have to agree, the whole concept can do great things and I look forward to the tech and methods being refined further.

Imagine landfills disappearing more and more while our fuel issues are eased and removed.

Now if we just get the little fusion thing from Back to the Future. Some banana peels and other trash and flying car!

Comment Re:As a parent, I would like to make a suggestion. (Score 1) 166

Very well, I'll break down my statements more since you would rather attack the style and me rather then simply the statement.

Firstly filibuste's post appears defensive and antagonistic to a degree effectively making the 'point' in a manner that makes it sound very much as an excuse and not an explanation.

Statements like "as a parent you tend to focus on those 2 kids, leaving the 2 others a bit more alone. Sure as hell you cannot be on their back 24h a day." seem more angered and insulting then openly willing to discuss the situation. It even gives the idea that the other two are being left alone more and as we are left to infer the extent of this then we cannot make an accurate judgment but as with most things involving children we tend to take the more detrimental view. The final statement in that about "Sure as hell cannot be on their back." seems to imply that talking to them or spending time with them is seen as "being on their back" as most times people resort to such hyperbole statements when they do not want to give any sort of rough estimate of time, or have no concept of it. The whole statement seems more indicative of the poster not wanting to spend the time talking as they feel the former obligations take precedence over the latter.

You seem to assume that I am advocating that the parent must spend all of their time however filibuste's comments seem to have a manner that point toward a focus on 2 and a lack of desire or dislike of the idea of having to spend additional time if any with the other two. While filibuste is likely just making do as best as possible the method and manner of the statements do not contribute to that view and instead portray a person that favors two for time, and not the others and expresses it in an 'excuse' form.

You then go on to attack the community and politics and other posters as well. You say that my post is not insightful and that the mods got it wrong, and then you go on to attack me?

Would that not make your post also not insightful and flamebait?

My post I worded rather carefully as to not outright say filibuste was neglecting or harming or not spending time with the children.

You'll note my comment has statements that say things that it sounds "like" he is making an excuse or that. I did make a disclaimer for the harsher argument on it which most were likely expecting and I made the small disclaimer to let those who thought not to see such a harsher view could not read it.

I have quite a bit of compassion overall however I make arguments and comments to try to point out aspects I see that do not seem to fit with a person's statements.

I also question your judgment in this situation as you have another moderately flaming post as well directed at Eskarel. You make such claims as attacking the posts or commenters being horrible and deplorable yet you yourself seem on a crusade to attack and insult other commenters, moderators, and the community as a whole.

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 286

Good rule, all it takes is a moment of going "Theres no way it could explode!" and then boom.

It is asking for trouble to consider any weapon of any sort that is not in a 'completely destroyed or disabled' state as not a threat.

Once you lose your cautiousness you get someone killed or seriously hurt.

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