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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 257

Search for 'GOOG'. Top of the page is the finance service result for GOOG, with links to Google Finance, Yahoo, MSN, and etc., with the fancy graph underneath. The first search result is the Yahoo Finance page for GOOG, and the second is the Google Finance page for GOOG, both of which were linked in the list of sites in the finance service result at the top of the page.

Comment Re:Not quite (Score 2, Interesting) 203

I myself have gotten it working under Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.04 with minimal hassle. Worked straight out of the box aside from sound, but I honestly just experimented with audio output selections in Wine config for a few minutes, and it worked after that. Performance was comparable to that on my Windows machine, to boot. And I'm confident that any students using Linux on their school laptop are comfortable enough with it to figure out most issues they may come across.

Attacking Game Consoles On Corporate Networks 79

A pair of security researchers speaking at DefCon demonstrated how video game consoles, which are becoming increasingly common break room or team-building toys, can open vulnerabilities in corporate networks. "[They] found that many companies install Nintendo Wii devices in their work places, even though they don’t let you walk into the company with smartphones or laptops. (Factories and other sensitive work locations don’t allow any devices with cameras). By poisoning the Wii, they could spread a virus over the corporate network. People have a false sense of security about the safety of these game devices, but they can log into computer networks like most other computer devices now. In the demos, the researchers showed they could take compromised code and inject it into the main game file that runs on either a DS or a game console. They could take over the network and pretty much spread malware across it and thereby compromise an entire corporation. The researchers said they can do this with just about any embedded device, from iPhones to internet TVs."

Comment Re:Just in case you were wondering why... (Score 1) 414

And I suppose you'd also recommend against getting Half-Life 2 for the same reasons? It's three games because Starcraft II has three games worth of campaign content. ~30 missions in each case, just like the original SC+BW. It's also been noted that Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will be priced as expansions, not full games. I'd also suspect that since all three are being developed at once, playing SC2 on won't be segregated into groups based on which expansions you have, as compared to the original SC+BW, so if you're only interested in multiplayer, you won't have to ever buy the expansions.

Chinese News Reports the Taliban Are Training Monkey Soldiers 232

According to a Chinese news publication, soldiers in Afghanistan may soon come up against a deadly new weapon in the war: monkey soldiers. The report claims that the Taliban are training the monkeys to shoot and kill American soldiers. They also claim to have pictures of monkeys holding AK-47s and Bren light machine guns. From the article: "The New York Magazine has reported about this in jest and stated on Friday, 'No invader has ever conquered Afghanistan, and now we know why. The monkeys will not allow it. It was a good effort, but it's time to pack it in. This is no longer a fight we can win.'”

Comment Re:This isn't dangerous in the way they claim (Score 2, Insightful) 134

It may be pointless now, but there's always the possibility that they're using cards with both the old strip and the new chip as an intermediate step, to try to shift card owners over to using just the chip a little more softly. Of course, it could also just be another example of incompetence in security.

Lower Merion School's Report Says IT Dept. Did It, But Didn't Inhale 232

PSandusky writes "A report issued by the Lower Merion School District's chosen law firm blames the district's IT department for the laptop webcam spying scandal. In particular, the report mentions lax IT policies and record-keeping as major problems that enabled the spying. Despite thousands of e-mails and images to the contrary, the report also maintains that no proof exists that anyone in IT viewed images captured by the webcams."

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