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Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 2) 177

0.9mg/cm^3 is 0.9kg/m^3, i.e. lighter than air (1.2kg/m^3). I call shenanigans.

It was pointed out that the value 0.9 for density does not include the air. This makes sense because then we would need to know the exact composition of the air used so we could get an accurate measurement of the material. All that said, however, "lighter than air" has no relevance with respect to density.

Comment Re:Pictures are large (Score 1) 487

It's not necessarily pointlessly idle, it's nostalgic. And, being nostalgic, comparing it to current data is appropriate. It's interesting to compare an application 25 years ago with today's data (be it applications, documents, or images). Those of you who didn't actually use Turbo Pascal (I did) will have similar bouts of nostalgia 20+ years from now about forgotten languages from today.

Comment Re:Amazon... (Score 1) 461

I didn't RTFA- [I don't read any articles that require me to log in first] ...

You don't need to login if you're using FF. Just go to Tools->RefControl Options and set "" as the referrer for the site "" and probably any other similar site. Or just set google up as the default. This gets you to their site without login required as they enable Google so that searches can get their data.

Comment Re:Let the truth finally come to light (Score 1) 213

It's not just about speed, though. Your 5-year-old PC may not be affected by a virus, but assuming that an infected computer runs about the same speed as an unaffected computer with full AV protection, at least the unaffected computer isn't spamming a bazillion people and giving out the user's identity for theft crimes. What's more important to you, running your computer faster or making sure your identity isn't stolen? I'm not saying that all malware is a root cause of identity theft, but if people believe it, then running the AV software will be worth the slow-down.

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