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Comment Re:This is the best way of gun control (Score 1) 656

I didn't make that claim, but in response to your comment I would say there are two approaches: (1) we need more control over automobiles, too, or (2) those controls don't work, so remove them from both automobiles and guns. I think we all agree we need to find a happy medium. But, as long as people like Capt James McCarthy keep equating guns with cars, then let's make sure it's a full comparison and not selective. Gun rights activists always want to talk about how more dangerous cars are in terms of life lost and injuries, like that justifies fewer controls on guns. It's a non sequitur argument and amazingly lots of other gun rights activists turn off their brains and buy into it.

Comment Re:This is the best way of gun control (Score 1) 656

You do not need a license to carry a gun in Florida, but there are restrictions on how to carry (i.e., to carry a ready weapon you need a concealed weapons permit). Also, that's not an example I gave. I was talking about licensing the equipment, not the person. You don't need ANY registration or background check. I can easily buy from a complete stranger. There are gun shows ALL THE TIME where this is very actively encouraged.

Regarding licenses, note that I didn't even mention licenses of people. I was talking about equipment registration. Anyway, that analogy works, too. You don't need a shooting license (equivalent to a drivers license) to various reasons, but it's not all-inclusive. In short, it's a lot easier to own and operate a hand gun than to own and operate a car. But, quite honestly all that was beside my point which was simple, and honestly your analogy is kind of a strawman and I'm simply answering it in kind: as a gun rights activist, don't make the analogy to car death rates unless you're willing to accept the continuance of the analogy to registration. You can see by the responses here that most gun rights activists can't stomach that.

Comment Re:20 years passed (Score 1) 422

I'm not the AC in question, but I guess anger clouded the phrasing so as to hide the point. Let me try to rephrase to make it more palettable and contribute to the discussion.

It's impractical and infeasible to evacuate the people of the town. The people in this small town wouldn't even listen to a government mandate, let alone request, to evacuate even if one were given. The company, however, said there was zero chance of an explosion, and the people need their jobs, etc. too much to gainsay that. These sorts of factories/plants are so incredibly dangerous that this event is easily a coincidence and until evidence is shown otherwise, it should be treated as such. There's nothing here that suggests it's an act of terrorism.

I know GP is marked -1 flamebait, but the gist of the message is relevant and insightful.

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