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Comment Re:Assault Rifles (Score 0) 1435

So ok, lets try something new, get off your fat, lazy ass and do something about it, use technology to help you where possible and try to organise a grass roots campaign to stop it, combine with as many other campaigns in other geographical locations that you can and DO SOMETHING.

Of course, i know you will say its impossible, or too hard, but now you are just making excuses, keep watching tv, keep eating those doritos.....who gives a fuck, right? So why should you.....

You dont need to sharpen your shooting skills, you need to sharpen your mental skills. Then things can start to happen.

There are a dime a dozen grass roots campaigns that are against these things, but they are badly organised and badly coordinated, we, as geeks could help to create systems which organise better, faster and lower the barriers of entry so people dont have to say no because its a lot of work, you have taken the effort out of it.

Comment Re:gun owners = mostly crazy (Score 1) 1435

how is it working out? pretty good thanks, some people are demonstrating but spain is waking up to a world where we don't care about the lazy life, we care about productivity and you can't do that whilst taking a 1 hour siesta when your competitors are not doing the same. They are slowing getting a grip on things, but people will always protest when their way of life suddenly changes. Attitudes are changing and it will take a few years for that to work through. However,

unemployment rate? yes, amongst the uneducated and unqualified. I have had 4 job offers in the last year, there is no shortage of jobs for people who are good at what they do.

but no worries, because unlike in your country, we look after the less fortunate and try to encourage them to take up courses of education and improve themselves into productive members of society, not like in america, where if you're uneducated you have to buy your own education which you can't cause you don't have any money and then you are effectively thrown on the scrap heap.....

re: once unemployment hits 50% I'll need a, what i'll need is compassion for those who ran aground and look for ways to help them, I certainly won't point a gun at them and they wouldn't point a gun at me, because unlike you're country, we're civilised human beings who don't fight over the dead bodies of others to get ahead in life....

2 days ago I met a romanian engineer, fallen on his ass, had nothing apart from some very nice working boots, he was an intelligent guy but couldn't find work, I gave him 10 euros to get something to eat.

but nice try! even though you don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about....

PS: I'm british, perhaps thats why I have this thing called a "work ethic" and don't feel the need to take 2 hour lunches when I got work to do.

Comment Re:Assault Rifles (Score 0) 1435

man, the 1900's called, they asked whether you'll be home in time for tea or they'll go on without you....

seriously....are you SERIOUSLY thinking that ANYBODY would setup a dictatorship in the US?

you are a paranoid moron....the weapon of the late 20th century and 21st century is your mind, not the gun in your hand.

only a moron who believe a first world country will ever goto war against another first world country could even start to believe the hogwash you just ran out..

PS. you're not entitled to your own opinion. you are only entitled to what you can argue and defend, nothing more.

Comment gun owners = mostly crazy (Score 1) 1435

so some newspaper lists all the registered gun owners on a website where you can look to see where guns are and who owns what, the current mood is that guns are killing machines and not really usable for anything else. Exceptions for hunting allowed, but you do that with a different kind of gun than an AK-47 or an AR-15, which are clearly not for hunting, just shooting AT people.

gun people are being viewed through the lens of "psychopaths" and then people start throwing death threats, therefore proving the point that perhaps they are psychopaths....AWESOME WIN!!

I can understand the kick people get from firing them, but I don't understand why they need that in their house. Is america such a dangerous country to live in? perhaps you should fix that, then you won't need guns, like we did in europe.

I view most gun owners I've read or seen on the telly as complete nutjobs, they say things like, a well armed militia, we can defend ourselves if the government turns bad, etc, etc. Are these guys for real? you could not in a million years, take down the government in it's current state, with your piddling stock of semi or fully automatic rifles, what is that going to do against a tank? I suppose you're gonna tell me you can blow the tracks off, awesome, but there are hundreds of tanks.....

I said this once on a forum a week or so ago and the answer was, you don't attack the tank, you attack the crew inside who get out to eat, etc, etc. The response is obvious, you have to survive that long in the first place, which you won't do.

ANYBODY, NO EXCEPTIONS, would get killed within an hour if the government turned up on your doorstep, even if you scored some minor kills, you've be overwhelmed eventually and you'd lose, there is no tactical way for you to win, they can fire missiles at you from 100's of km's away. You're toast.

so anybody saying it's to protect themselves against the government is a crack head....they have no grip on reality AT ALL, so to be honest, I don't like the idea of them owning guns, just in case one of them goes "nuttier than normal" and starts running around main street wasilla doing a number on people.

So that takes care of the people owning the big, killing machine type weapons, what about people who hunt, well, typically they own guns which aren't really a problem, it's the crazy people we have to look out for, anybody sensible enough to know how to hunt and put food on their table from the local environment is clearly a couple of grades more intelligent than the rest of them, so I trust those guys a heck of a lot more.

pistols? yeah I guess in self defence, but why do you have to have guns in the first place? are people in america so dangerous that you can't trust anybody......jees....fix your screwed up society man....first world country? doesn't look like it to me....california, new york, florida (parts of), san francisco, perhaps those parts are first world, but the rest? no effing way, the rest is full of sister fucking religious lunatics who force women to take trans-vaginal ultrasounds to listen to the heartbeat of the baby they are going to kill to try to shame women in taking care of their lifes and their businesses, they are the guys propping up congress and the house of representatives and making sure the military industrial complex keeps on trotting holy mackeral......bleeding to death in a hospital because your insurance is out of date, are you serious?? what kind of human does that...a shitty human, a piece of crap I hope one day runs out of insurance and dies, cause I'm sick of living in a world populated by these assholes.

a lot of americans who visit barcelona, spain where I live, say they would never return, they spend 1 year studying and then move to london, or thailand for 6 months, perhaps australia after that.....all americans of about 20 years old, should just leave that stinking cesspool and come to europe...

your country is a mess, sort your shit out and you wouldn't have these problems in the first place!

Comment Re:Debian (Score 1) 252

time = money, so implicity, you are paying, you are using your time to keep accepting the same old shit everytime, such as, how many years do you think it'll take for debian to correct all it's broken package dependencies?

uninstall alsa, uninstall my gnome desktop, you are fucking kidding me right?

some of the package maintainers are idiots....
also, libtool? what a fucking joke.....autotools? ask ESR what he thinks (

linux is like an operating system for the laziest programmers on the planet apart from the kernel devs, do as little work as possible because doing it right would take too long and then they wouldnt have free time to go back to programming wobbly windows....which apparently is cool

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