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Comment Re:This should be a warning (Score 1) 185

More work, fewer immigrants, less crime, eliminating abuse of social services.

On the immigration issue: there aren't many immigrants in Hungary, as the wages are rather low; they usually tend to drift to western countries, after all, it's quite easy to move once you crossed the Schengen borders.
In 2004 however there's was a vote about wether to give back the Hungarian citizenship to the people who were stripped of it after WW1 due to the Trianon treaty, and the socialsts were the ones opposing it. (They thought FIDESZ is more popular among the Hungarians living abroad.)

Comment Re:As a hungarian... (Score 1) 185

They made a lot of wild promises, painted the liberals as pansies and the socialists as communists

No, the socialists called FIDESZ communist because it was against the privatization of the healthcare system (we have a one-payer system at the moment), and against tuition fees in higher education in state universities.
And I think that was the reason FIDESZ won. The socialist party turned to libertarian in the autumn of 2006, after they won the elections in spring, which they won by similar blanket campaign promises*. That was the reason of all the rioting (Speech of Öszöd).

* to be more precise, they explicitely promised to not to do the things, that they started to implement next year, in the televised argument between the candidates

Comment Re:New World War (Score 1) 185

1, Well, Hungary still doesn't have an Internet filter like Australia (and there's no plan about making one), so you just put your server abroad. The already banned neo-nazi Kurucinfo e.g. hosts its portal in Hong Kong.

2, This law is quite unpopular even here in Hungary. At the moment it seems unlikely for the governing party (FIDESZ) to win next election.

3, There's still the possibility to appeal to court. FIDESZ doesn't really have influence there.

4, The only really problematic part of the law is the requirement of balancedness. We'll see how that will play out, but I don't think the courts will be biased in FIDESZ' support in this regard.

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