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Comment The actual law states (Score 1) 1590

That the cop must have a valid reason for making legal contact. This means the individual is already under investigation for another crime or the police has probable cause to stop the individual. Then if during questioning he has reason to believe that person's legal status in the country may not be what he represent then he can ask for the required documents that visitors and legal foreign residents are required, by federal law, to carry. U.S. citizens just need to show a driver's license, state issue id or a valid passport. Just like when starting a job. The governor also issued an executive order requiring classes and training to avoid any type of racial profiling. Now as to the real reason why this law was passed 1) Phoenix, the state capital, is the kidnapping capital of the nation because of the illegal immigration. 2) It is not safe to live any where near the border with Mexico. Just ask the people who live in border towns like Bisbee, Nogales or Douglas. Or even the family of the rancher that was killed simply because he was on his land when illegal immigrants were trespassing. 3) No fencing along the border with Mexico along with inadequate patrols and no anticipation of any improvements. Now someone will mention how our wonderful Secretary of DOH stated that the border is as secured as it ever was. Well Janet Napolitano used to be Governor of Arizona. Then when everything began falling apart like the state economy and the violence from Mexico spilling over into Arizona she was given a lifeboat out of the situation by Obama so she would not be stuck with any of the blame. The same Obama who has not provided any solutions so this law would not have even been considered let alone enacted.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 316

Actually 200m is very good you will normally be in eye sight of each other by then. You will be surprise what can and have been done with only a 200 meter error and a pair of eyeballs I know this from practical hands on experience. Long before there was GPS or NAVSAT ships were meeting in the middle of a vast empty ocean using only LORAN-C.

Comment Re:Warrants (Score 1) 132

In the USA, search and seizure powers were specifically limited by the fourth amendment for among other reasons, reducing the liklihood of fishing expeditions. Here you can't use the power to search something specific eg. someone's car to justify searching someone's house, mail etc. as well.

and i have a bridge to sell you too.

Comment selective pricing (Score 1) 397

I subscribed to XM several years ago when I used to do a lot of traveling and did not always wanted to hunt for radio stations every 45 minutes or listen to the same CDs over and over again. I discovered that in addition to the music, news and sports (which I never listen to) the classic radio shows and audio books which is now my favorites. However the broadcast days are being cut back on one station and the other seems to have more and more commercials on it and I pay a subscription and have to listen to commercials? Possibly they need to come up with a business model where you can select what you want to hear and drop what has no interest to you. For me that would be some music stations, radio plays and news. Since I have only a few selections it should mean a lower monthly subscription

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