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Comment Re:zzzz (Score 1) 165

According to industry indisders, the cost of putting paper on ink and getting in to the store is about 10% of the cover price. Yeah, that little. (And that's consistent with most other forms of manufacturing, too, where the average is more like 15%.) Charlie Stross estimated that as many man-hours are put in by the publisher as by the author, to turn a manuscript in to a book.

Every vote for 99 cent ebooks is a vote for less editing, no proofreading, amateurish layout, and generally even lower quality. And quality has suffered quite a lot in the last few decades as it is.

Comment Asking the wrong question (Score 1) 434

While it is, no doubt, true that those who do not file stuff can find what they want faster with search than those who do can with their folders, I suspect that those who do file find stuff faster in their folders than those who file stuff would with search.

To each his own. Not everybody benefits from the same methods.

Comment Re:Why use Linux? (Score 1) 382

Sure those are available, but a stable enough Windows OS to handle it is going to cost him at least a license fee. So, why bother?

I've had rather more trouble with instabality with server versions of Windows than with XP home, myself. Especially the newest version, though that has more to do with trying to do too much on a single box. Windows is only hard to keep running smoothly if you don't know what you're doing.

Comment Why use Linux? (Score 1, Informative) 382

I know I'll get booed for this, but why use Linux at all? Apache, PHP and MySQL are all available for Windows, and run on any version. I use a Linux distro for my firewalls, but Windows for everything else, including two internal web servers, two mail servers and multiple file servers. Yeah, you can do the same thing with less hardware with Linux, and it's probably a bit more stable, plus less work to keep up to date, but if you know Windows, and don't know Linux, you're better off staying with Windows. You don't really need that much more hardare, mostly RAM, and that's not that expensive these days, and you'll be more secure and stable with an OS you know than something brand new. Plus, it's more likely to work.

(As a side note, I'd be very, very cautious about using XAMPP. It's not intended for a production environment, and it installs in a very insecure state. Plus, last I checked, they were pretty slow about adding new versions of stuff to their package, so things tended to be out of date. You can get all the components - Apache, MysQL, PHP, for free, direct, at the current version, from the people who make them. And while Mercury is a fine mail server, it tends to be updated slowly. Even if you go with XAMPP, use hmailserver for your email instead.)

Comment Let me translate (Score 1) 348

"We're hoping to reach a whole new audience of people, some of whom will be shocked by graphic images that maybe they didn't anticipate seeing when they went to the PETA triple-X site."

In other words, "We know we're wingnut extremists, and we can only get people to listen to our insane screed if we lie to them about what we're going to say."

Nothing new about that, from PETA.

Comment Slippery slopes, indeed. (Score 1) 301

If the world of crime were static and unchanging, this would be a damning indictment of the misuse of modern technology. But it's not; criminals use new technology to become more efficient at committing crime.

To complain about the police using new technology to keep pace with criminals seems, to me, a far more dangerous slippery slope.

Comment Re:Uhh... (Score 4, Insightful) 1017

If a stranger wanted to touch my daughter's genitals after claiming that a sonogram uses radio waves, I'd get as belligerent as I would with any other pedophile. She'll walk, eventually, and probably get enough of a settlement to pay for the kid's college. If there were any justice in the world, the TSA goon would be in prison for attempted child rape (along with every single person involved in coming up with this plan.

I mean, c'mon. You create thousands of jobs that involve sexually groping children, and you're surprised when you end up with pedophiles filling those jobs because nobody else wants them? If it were a deliberate conspiracy to sanction, with government violence, the sexual assault of children, they couldn't come up with a better plan.

Comment Some meta-advice for the newbie (Score 1) 480

I learned how to do this the hard way, by screwing up a lot. Here are some rules:

#1: Always have a fallback plan. Assume that every thing you touch will literally explode in flames and kill everyone near by, and have a plan to return to the old stuff. It will cost more to do it that way, but being able to fall back to something that's worked for years will cost a lot less than the network being down for days while you have no idea how to fix it.

#2: Test, test, test. And then, test some more. And assume that you have only tested 1/10th of what the users will actually do. Pick out two users to help you test: the best with computers, and the worst. Between them, they'll find the stupidest and smartest mistakes you miss.

#3: Complain a lot. Seriously. Complain about what a pain in the ass stuff is to do stuff, and give examples. But show consistent progress. Nobody will have any clue what you're talking about, but they'll get the idea that you're working hard at it, and that you're succeeding. The biggest issued I've had was when major projects went off so smoothly (because I was well prepared) that nobody noticed the work that went it to it. After getting a COLA raise after a two year project to build a mission critical WAN, I learned.

Comment Re:I think it's safe to say (Score 1) 190

Pure ethanol is higher octane than gasoline, and requires engine adjustments (mostly timing, but changing the compression ratio can also help) to avoid pinging.
Despite that, it only has about 2/3 as much energy stored in it as gasoline, by volume (methanol is about 1/2), which requires reworking the fuel and ignition systems. That, however, is pure ethanol. Bourbon is typical about 80 proof, which is not combustible. For anything like a car engine, you need a minimum of about 160 proof (which is lower octane than pure, and requires less adjustment). Below that, and it simply won't burn in an engine.

While this vehicle may well have bourbon involved in its fuel, what it runs on, primarily, is bullshit (as presented in the article). Given that he claims to have shot at the guys (and, thus, did so on camera) from American Pickers, and nobody else has ever mentioned that, I'm pretty sure this guy is just a bullshit artist enjoying his 15 minutes. On the other hand, it might actually be some kind of investment scam.

Can anybody find any actual account of Nissan "showcasing" this thing "a few weeks ago"? Google can't, and my Google-Fu is pretty good.

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