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Comment Prions (Score 1) 132

From TFA:
"Recent work has shown that when two such lipid layers encounter each other as the cells come into contact, a protein can form a passage between them, allowing chemical signaling molecules to pass. Second, the cells' interiors will play host to what is known as a Belousov-Zhabotinsky or B-Z chemical reaction. Simply put, reactions of this type can be initiated by changing the concentration of the element bromine by a certain threshold amount."

And then some scientists are shocked to find out that prions can evolve.

Comment Re:Or, how about... (Score 1) 572

"Statisticians need to learn programming or I will kill them all."

No, please don't, leave at least half a dozen so they can do the statistics on your killing the others and then we'll use the Pearson correlation coefficient on their results to find the most incompetent statistician of the bunch whose future work we'll then use to seed our PRNGs.

Comment It still rocks (Score 2, Interesting) 195

"I think the whole world has. Like you said, the main draw of Duke Nukem over similar games was the swearing/stripper angle, and even for today's kids that role was long ago taken by the Internet."

I actually played Duke Nukem 3D recently on Linux using eduke32 and it was still a lot of fun. Back when Duke Nukem was popular some kids may have played it because of the swearing/stripper angle, but I don't know of any adults who played it just because of that. My friends and I enjoyed playing Duke Nukem so much because it contained a lot of humor and it was also one of the first multiplayer games that worked well and in which you could interact with the environment in a more realistic way. The multiplayer mode was great, 8 of us could play Duke Nukem at the same time in the computer lab and when one of us found something he wanted to share he'd just yell "My view!" and we'd all switch to his view. I may be wrong, but I think that Duke Nukem was the first game to feature the ability to switch to another player's view in multiplayer mode.

Comment Re:Car Analogy (Score 1, Interesting) 191

You get a grant to analyze a car in order to find something really special about it. You measure its top speed, acceleration, etc. and spend 3 years analyzing it, but find nothing special about it, it's an average car. At this point you already spent all the money and you need to somehow justify spending all that time and money, so you start comparing all the measurements you took in order to at least find some kind of well known constant and that's when you notice that the diameter of the AC vent is 1.618 of the diameter of the cigarette lighter.

Comment Re:So everyone will soon look like (Score 0, Troll) 119

Elaine dancing?

Only when rearranging the desktop icons. Here's a list of the most common gestures:
- raise arm and perform air-wipe over icon = launch application
- raise arm all the way up and perform slam-dunk motion = close application in active window
- perform one finger salute motion = shutdown -p now
- raise both arms, look up as if asking "Why, God, why?", drop arms and shake head = restart Microsoft Windows after a hard reset

Comment Re:Pronunciation? GESTAPO! (Score 1) 172

I pronounce HiFi as high fee (high fidelity) and WiFi as wifey (diminutive of wife). It may sound strange to some people, but to me it's logical, HiFi systems used to be very expensive (high fee) and wireless fidelity implies being faithful to one's wife when she's too far to yank one's {wire,USB {keychain,dongle}}.

I'd probably pronounce WiDi as widey, which sounds a lot like whitey, but I'm tired of these silly acronyms, people keep pronouncing everything their own way anyway and most sales people seem to think that their pronunciation is the only correct one.

GESTAPO (Gotta Eliminate Silly Technology, Acronyms, People and Organizations)!

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