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Comment Re:The disc is DRM (Score 4, Funny) 213

But... on the internet, everybody is a dog. Besides, their streaming service is so shitty on the PC that many subscribers of the service still pirate online just because it's easier than trying to convince Silverlight to work.

And that's the real reason for the disc requirement - piracy. If you take a closer look at the disc you'll notice that it has a jagged edge, but an average person wouldn't normally notice the difference when handling the disc. Now imagine someone reporting you for pirating movies and your little disc spinning at 25,000 rpm then being shot out at 200 mph.. DRM now stands for Decapitation & Radical Maiming.

Comment Forget LAPD, I'm waiting for FEDs (Score 2, Interesting) 244

FEDs (Field emission displays) are superior to CRTs, LCDs and these new LPDs in every way. FEDs have the same thin 2-4 mm profile as LCDs, but unlike LCDs produce very bright and clear images even in direct sunlight (which is why they were used as HUDs in airplanes) while consuming up to 10 times less power. Sony had a 36" FED prototype that consumed only 14 W, which is 1/8 of what a typical LCD and 1/2 of what an LPD of that size would consume.

Comment The first never-ending MMORPG (Score 4, Funny) 190

There is no real 'finish' to most MMORPGs.

Duke Nukem 3D was one of the last multiplayer games to feature a cool ending. 3D Realms then decided to set a new trend of never-ending MMORPGs with Duke Nukem Forever. Playing other MMORPGs while waiting for the release of Duke Nukem Forever is the first never-ending MMORPG.

Comment Re:RCA (Score 1) 271

Plus, don't let the RCA brand fool you into thinking this must be from a legitimate company

Yes, when I am confronted with an RCA TV, the first thing I think is, "a legitimate company produced this."

Some people are old enough to remember when there was an actual legitimate RCA.

Now get off my lawn.

Or you'll whip them with a pair of RCA cables?

Introducing the all new RCA whoopass whipenergy device! It's not wireless, but it gets your point across time after time after time.
Brought to you by RCA, the first company in the world to break the 1 Mbps barrier over CAT9 cable.

Comment Re:Already a disappointment (Score 1, Insightful) 309

I'm trying to figure out why people are continually surprised when non-Windows MMO clients are not available. You want to have a high percentage chance of being able to play a non-console, non-browser based game, get a Windows machine. End of story.

Spoken like a true Microsoft rep. If you expect and demand nothing, that's exactly what you will get. At least 30 million people expect and demand more and refuse to just "get a Windows machine" to be able to play a particular game or use a particular application, which is why more and more applications and games are being released for non-Windows operating systems.

Comment Parrot Parrott (Score 1) 154

Canon Parrott raised his voice to the heavens to address the Lord God of all Creation. "May our tongues be gentle, our e-mails be simple and our websites be accessible," he said.

I hope I don't go to hell for this, but Canon Parrott sounds a bit like a parrot.
May redundancy be gone.

Comment Already a disappointment (Score 1, Insightful) 309

Cryptic live up to their name, I searched their site in vain for this:

Cryptic has announced that they will release a Windows version of STO, and a possible console version also. During the August 10 Las Vegas conference, Cryptic announced that there would be neither Linux nor Mac versions for the original launch, though they did not rule out the possibility of later port releases.

They were just trying not to infuriate the Fek'lhr worshiping Linux fans, but the truth is that they will never release a Linux or Mac version of STO. After watching the trailers and finding out that there would be no Linux or Mac versions, Captain Picard decided to share his feelings about STO.

Comment Prions (Score 1) 132

From TFA:
"Recent work has shown that when two such lipid layers encounter each other as the cells come into contact, a protein can form a passage between them, allowing chemical signaling molecules to pass. Second, the cells' interiors will play host to what is known as a Belousov-Zhabotinsky or B-Z chemical reaction. Simply put, reactions of this type can be initiated by changing the concentration of the element bromine by a certain threshold amount."

And then some scientists are shocked to find out that prions can evolve.

Comment Re:Or, how about... (Score 1) 572

"Statisticians need to learn programming or I will kill them all."

No, please don't, leave at least half a dozen so they can do the statistics on your killing the others and then we'll use the Pearson correlation coefficient on their results to find the most incompetent statistician of the bunch whose future work we'll then use to seed our PRNGs.

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