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Comment love microsoft, hating IE (Score 1) 373

Any developer / web designer will tell you that Internet Explorer is the bane of their design existence. I've seen whole projects stale for days because of bugs / "features" in IE. Fragmentation is never good though. For example, now with gradient backgrounds you have to have declarations for Webkit, Mozilla, IE & even Opera. It's absolutely insanely wasteful of developer time, client bandwidth & contributes nothing but headaches imo.

Comment Uncovering what? They used their real names (Score 2) 423

I disagree with this website & they didn't "uncover" anything these people used their real names. While I'm against racism personally, people need to understand that tolerance works both ways. You can't on one hand say people should respect your views & then on the other not at least respect theirs.

Comment It' sssssimple math. (Score 1) 665

IE is popular because it's per-installed with windows & people are lazy. Chrome is popular because it's pushed on every Google site. Plus everyone wants a bit of that Google magic on their computer to no? Firefox market share is increasing because it's advertised on.... & pre-installed on....... lol you get the point. Blaming any feature itself for firefox's decreasing market share is simply just a lazy mental model, mixed with a bit of he-said, she-said & anyone but me is to blame.

Comment It's very simple (Score 1) 375

It's real simple, If you don't like Apple's policies don't use or buy their products (that's called being a man). instead you bitch on your Macbook Pro's about how they are mistreating the employees & make a stand on an internet messaging board. If Microsoft pulled the shit Apple is right now they would have been anti-trusted into bankruptcy... drink the kool aid BTW, I used a mac to post this.

Comment here's my non-infornative post (Score 1) 428

I stored zip'd photos of my kids in the "cloud" or megaupload & I paid for the premium service to keep them safe. Now what? I never stole, borrowed, copied or viewed anything illegal or even knew it existed on the site to be honest. It's easy to jump on the "they deserve it because they made more money then me" bandwagon but just because you steal stuff online doesn't mean everybody else does.

Comment look at the cost (Score 1) 41

imo buy a dedicated server with managed support. The op's will be happy because they can SSH in & developers will be happy because they can ticket the hosting company for changes. Clouds have a purpose but nothing beats a dedicated box for cost/performance (you can get a decent one for $250 now a days)

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