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Comment Re:Market already taken (Score 1) 120

You have to think brand name, NASA as a brand is a big plus. They could initially have just the space-food, then they could branch out to camping food as well, where they could basically sell the food you are used to, but with the NASA brand, they would probably make more money.

The only down side I can see is that many would object to the federal government going into business, and competing against private companies. So what they could do instead is to license the NASA brand. I'm sure NASA could make some money off of this. It might reduce our taxes (although minimally). I think licensing a brand like NASA is akin to other licensing agreements the feds are already doing. As long as they don't dilute the brand, or put it on bad products, we may as well make some money off of it as it is a national resource.

Comment Not the first 3D version of Mario (Score 1) 83

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario's_Tennis

"Mario's Tennis (, Mariozu Tenisu?) is a game for Nintendo's Virtual Boy video game console."

The Virtual Boy video game console provided true 3D display for its games, although in monochrome. It did not require glasses either. It had two displays one for each eye, and you had to look through a neoprene coated eyepiece to see the displays. It didn't do very well, so is not well-known. It was one of the few flops for Nintendo.

Comment Re:News for nerds (Score 1) 317

I went one better, I used a telescope to burn all sorts of things. It has a somewhat adjustable focus by using different eye pieces, and I could burn wood, and paper, and many other things on a sunny day. The telescope was readily available, so I didn't need to build anything. It was only a 2" refractor, but had plenty of power, much more than a magnifying glass, with a MUCH sharper focus. I did manage to melt metal with it as well.

I always meant to revisit these experiments with something like a 10" or larger scope. I would imagine some really high temperatures would be possible, the optics count for a lot in efficiency.

Comment Re:All you need to know, from TFA (Score 1) 815

Many times the reason for a rejection of a paper like this is failure to properly control for possible anomalous conditions. If you don't have an explanation, the minimum you should do is to control for every possible other explanation. If you haven't fully tested whether the phenomenon you observe might be due to something else, then a reviewer must reject the paper.

It is equivalent to the famous Sherlock Holmes quote, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

If you haven't eliminated the impossible, you can't conclude you have found improbable physics.

Comment Re:encryption (Score 1) 700

If you are a criminal:

Plan 1: Hack into google cloud or some other easier to hack supercomputer, or your own botnet, use that to crack credit card or bank security ==> Free money!

Plan 2: Use cheap cloud computing as your own supercomputer. If you can get $1000s for $1s it is a win for a criminal.

I know of someone who has already used cloud computing to crack wireless security for about $1 just as a proof of concept.
Computing as a commodity is here, and decreasing in price, and available to all.

Comment Re:Math always a part of CS ... (Score 1) 700

I know of CS programs still in the Math department today, also some in the college of business. Here at Ohio University in 1996 CS moved from Arts and Sciences to Engineering. At the time, the degree was very much still aligned to Math which it grew out of. Our university is now moving to semesters, and as part of the curriculum redesign we have moved to a curriculum much more like engineering than A&S. We still have a large math component. It is possible for our students to get a minor in math with just a couple of more math classes than we require for CS.

Comment Re:NASA (Score 1) 95

That's exactly what I was thinking, Venus probes are notoriously hard to cool. Also, solar explorers, or anywhere else in the solar system where there is high heat, would be good targets for high temp electronics. With some improvement on temp and longevity this might be just what is needed. The current record for Venus is 107 minutes.

Comment Re:"Do No Evil" (Score 4, Insightful) 501

Your hypothesis fails the falsification test. Basically no matter what Google does, people like you are going to say they did it for their direct advantage.

To make it a scientific opinion, you have to give an example of an action that Google will take that will convince you they were not evil. Sometime ago, slashdotters were saying that if Google open sources VP8, that would be proof enough. Apparently you want more. So tell us. What do you want?

Comment Re:Reminds me of those Magic Eye pictures (Score 1) 495

And those are ridiculously easy once you get the trick. The first ones that were out, I remember, hit in the very early 90's in magazines like Popular Science. In those, you had two dots right above the picture, and the instructions were to visually split the dots and combine them in such a way there were now three. That achieved, look down at the picture.

Most, if not all of the later ones removed those instructions, and it became a game of "stare at this until you get it." For the really old-timers, we understood the real trick is to cross your eyes slightly and vary the degree until you hit the magic separation necessary to resolve the picture.

I'm not entirely convinced the effects are related to those used for 3D movies, since Magic Eye works through the transposition created by overlapping the two visual fields by crossing your eyes.

Comment Re:-1 False Assumption (Score 1) 976

This is the case in Michigan. You may not enter an intersection unless you can also exit the intersection in a reasonable amount of time. Entering in the case of vehicles blocking your exit is considered blocking the intersection. It's not running a red, but cameras can't be the basis for tickets here either.

Comment Re:Red light cameras in St. Louis, Missouri (Score 1) 976

This is essentially how it is in Athens, GA. My wife (several times, unfortunately) got tagged by one of the 4 red light cams in Athens. The letter (no video, or link to video... just a Print Page from IE, completely with a URL at the bottom) showing 2 pictures of her van. The "ticket" was for me to pay the $75 fine, as the van is in my name. She forgot to pay it, and called the courthouse to see what would happen. The person there said "nothing will happen, wont go on your record, no warrants will ever be issued... you will just keep getting letters to pay".

They dont even report to credit agencies there, as there's no clear way to tell who's driving... so they'll just send you monthly letters saying "PAY ME Or or or.. I'll tell you to pay me again!"

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