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Comment Re:Joy, another app store... (Score 1) 165

The point is that it is NOT like "brick-and-mortar" stores because no one in the real world is limiting you to only shopping at one particular store. Concerning Android, users and developers alike are worried that the providers will lock you into one store.

You are 100% right -- more stores are better, but only if you are not limited to any one store, and you know how the providers are with vendor lock-in.

Comment Re:Why the hell was this posted? (Score 1) 223

I recently bought that game after its creator/owner was featured in a recent Slashdot article. One of the most fun games I've ever played, period, and my friends and I even played together (everyone took a computer and did multiplayer survival mode). So fun to work together to create simple but beautiful structures. Felt like the possibilities would never run out. .

Comment Re:New blacktop for the road to hell (Score 1) 168

Because a diagram simply cannot really be read by a blind man, and a sample from an instrumental can't really be heard by a deaf person. A group of data related to public information/services, however, can and should be reorganized into a form that can be interpreted by both the blind and deaf.

Comment Re:I can only assume (Score 3, Interesting) 203

When are people going to grow up and admit MS has released several top-of-the-line products recently? IE is getting much nicer, especially with 9, and Windows 7 blows away any other OS available, except for certain *nix distributions for specific reasons. Likewise, if you would actually give the .NET framework and its associated languages a try you may find yourself impressed with the capabilities.

I guess I just feel like people should upgrade and quit whining like we're still in the early 00's. Technology advances, and with it comes a need for stronger hardware and new programming frameworks.

Submission + - Scientists say strong winds parted the Red Sea

insufflate10mg writes: Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have released simulations showing how a strong/long gust of wind could have reduced the height of the Red Sea in a particular area and reveal a "bridge" type landmass. This story is just another stepping stone in the journey to explain many of the events described in religious scripture.

Comment Re:I hope there's a way to turn this off (Score 1) 128

I'm a ghost-writer, I do research and write white papers, so Google Instant equaled faster research which equaled more research per time period, which equaled more money. This is only going to be another pay raise for me - w00t Chrome 8!

PS: Don't write illegal things into a form on a modern website? Anyone halfway decent with computers should know websites can always log that sort of information.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 696

All I can say is that apparently you do not watch MSNBC. I have two televisions, one for MSNBC, one for Fox, and anyone with the ability to rationally observe/draw conclusions can tell you that while they are both biased, one is biased to a much, MUCH, higher degree. You can tell that many of the MSNBC personalities make a conscious effort to remain logically unbiased, whereas the Fox personalities seem to make a conscious effort to remain obviously biased.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 696

He didn't mean it in an anti-gay/sexual way. A common saying, "take the stick out of your ass," meaning "lighten up" and realize that humor is inherently meant to be fun and not taken offensively, even when its your party being made fun of. They both slam both parties, just in witty/satirical ways, which may go over the heads of /.'ers who really should 'take the stick out of their ass.'

Comment Re:Wow an adult recieving an average 10 etxts a da (Score 1) 468

When my girlfriend and I hooked up in my senior year of high school, her parents flipped out because she had (sent+received) over 30,000 text messages per month. And even then we had no problem hanging out and living our lives, she was just an extreme textaholic. I haven't done the math to prove my numbers, because I know for a fact it's true. Someone else can do the math if they want.

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