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Comment I disagree. (Score 1) 229

From TFA:

3D content 'delivers 3D images with different left and right images, [which] has a potential impact on the growth of children's eyes.'

This is not only false, but illogical as well. The whole purpose of having two eyes at different locations is to see two different images at once and see 3D. Showing the eyes two different images is exactly what should be happening. The problem is actually with the fact that a 3D video will have arbitrarily-selected and static areas of focus, while human eyes typically handle the focusing on their own. Because of this, uninformed people will watch the movie and accidentally (and usually repeatedly) try to change their focus and strain their eyes because the image does not change focus at all. If people would understand this and focus solely on what the video is focusing on, they typically wouldn't get headaches, provided the shuttering/refresh rate is also suitable.

I recently decided to explain this to my friends, and all of a sudden two of my friends who always had headaches after 15 minutes were able to watch a full movie, with off-the-shelf consumer 3D technology nonetheless. Go ahead; try it - just make a conscious effort to not focus on anything except what the video is focused on and watch the eye strain nearly disappear.

Comment Re:LINK GOES TO SPYWARE! (Score 1) 312

There's no virus; the vulnerability that would likely be exploited for such a virus has been fixed for the most part anyway. The file is simply a book by Andrew Macdonald, called the "Turner Diaries" -- extremist right-wing propaganda about the white supremacist and militia movements taking over the US and leading to nuclear war within the US, destroying much of it. The book is set up by finding the diaries of a leader named Earl Turner 100 years after the war.

Comment Re:Millitary inteligence (Score 1) 372

An unauthorized disclosure should not make the information unclassified. Over 6.7 billion unauthorized disclosures, on the other hand, means that there is no choice but to declassify the information.

If you can think of a logical reason why information would remain classified after being provided to anyone in the world, I would love to hear it.

Comment Re:Millitary inteligence (Score 0) 372

By posting the classified information in a place where the entire human race can view it, it is inherently unclassified. What exactly is classified material? I assumed classified material was named as such because the military/government requires that those viewing it have a certain classification; the leaked cables no longer require any type of special classification to access, so they are essentially unclassified.

Comment Re:Solar Shield? (Score 1) 85

A 'solar shield' could be created by simply using shielding materials on every power point that would be affected: transformers, the stations themselves, at the source, etc. Launch a giant project to shield the most vulnerable points in the power-grid to hopefully minimize the damage of a seemingly inevitable catastrophe. With all of the money thrown around in Washington D.C., it seems like a reasonable expense.

People may oppose it for financial reasons, but if the expected solar storm does occur, people will be very thankful that their country was shielded.

Austria's 'Bionic Man' Dies In Car Crash 200

euphemistic writes "An Austrian man who became the first person outside the US to wear thought-powered 'bionic' arms has died from injuries sustained in a car crash ... Kandlbauer, who would have turned 23 next month, sustained severe head injuries when the specially modified car he was driving swerved off the road in the south east of Austria and crashed into a tree on October 19. The cause of the accident is not yet known, particularly whether the neurally-controlled arm-prostheses he had been fitted with might have played a role."

Comment Re:The irony... (Score 5, Informative) 676

Supposedly the documents show that the actual deathtoll for the Iraq War is over 105,000. Nearly 70,000 of these casualties were civilians. The documents reportedly also tell about incidents of torture by coalition forces, and of civilians being killed at checkpoints (for speeding to get their wife to the hospital). There is an incident described where a single terrorist on the roof of a building caused the military to obliterate the entire building and everyone in it (civilians). It also reports 15,000 bodies being buried without being identified.

Source: WikiLeaks & ABC News (Al Jazeera claims to have found far more embarrassing records but I went with ABC for obvious reasons.)

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