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Comment Re:fair? (Score -1) 119

so you think i don't understand... when i said that credit shouldn't be expected to be fair.... and to explain why you think i don't understand, you point out an example of gross unfairness... i agree with you... credit is often not fair.

so in your world where people are given credit, there would never be any bit of a problem. good luck with that. i'm sure living in your fantasy land isn't too difficult for you.

Comment Re:advice from an autistic adult (Score -1) 69

Autistic adults aren't advocates for anything because we aren't capable. We're materially not qualified.

not to be a dick, but you were just an advocate for the belief that autistic adults are not qualified to be advocates.

even if you believe i shouldn't believe you or even listen to you, you're still being an advocate for wasting peoples' time.

do they teach autistic kids how to spell "hypocrisy"?

stop using your diagnosis as a crutch.

Comment Re:Retro NES USB Controller (Score -1) 262

the new dingoo A330 has a 2.4ghtz receiver and supports 2 wireless controllers... it's $95 and the controllers are $15 each. it also has 64MB of high speed RAM instead of the 32MB the A320 has. they both have the same 4GB internal storage and 400mhtz processor that runs completely stable overclocked to 460mhtz running dingux. thinkgeek should really offer these, but i'm guessing they're scared of sony claiming the packaging looks too much like a PSP.

Comment Re:Grow up (Score -1) 371

-1 troll for the obvious and only valid counter-point to free speech suppression: retaliation. see how these religious fundamentalists with multitudes of accounts with modpoints work to undermine slashdot's systems of control? every post for Sir_Lewk (Luke Greco) and clone53421 (Stephen Alongi) moderated up to the sky, while every valid counter argument is moderated as a troll.

pakistan has nuclear weapons. they can do far more than elbow Luke Greco's teeth out. they could bomb an entire city just to make sure they killed him. do you want to be luke greco's neighbor? do you want to pretend you live in a world where war doesn't exist? where war isn't happening right now? where nuclear bombs haven't been used in the past?

respect is earned and the best way of getting it is to give it.

one day reality will catch up with them. until then:

they are NOTHING.

Comment Re:Shenanigans! (Score -1) 178

not too good for you... why is it relevant to talk about "Standard (ECMA/ANS/ISO) BASIC" when no one else was talking about "Standard (ECMA/ANS/ISO) BASIC"? the code could be pseudocode for all you know. where is the LOGIC bug?

and besides, GIVEN ALL OF THAT, YOU ARE STILL WRONG, RETARD. the semicolon was never used as a language extension statement separator. it was always used as standard, native concatenation. from your precious ISO BASIC standard: "GOTO Command - jumps to a numbered or labelled line in the program."... labelled line... aka: STRING. aka: the interpreter's finite state string tokenizer, running after receiving a goto command, will handle the string concatenation semicolon token just fine. as it did on the linked interpreter. as it does on EVERY interpreter.

there is no bug. it runs demonstrably. admit it.


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