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Comment Reference guide well written? (Score 1) 125

How can someone call the reference guide well written, then five sentences later say that the book explains commands not documented elsewhere? Isn't the purpose of the reference guide, manpages, and any other documentation to define _all_ of the commands that are inserted into a program?

Now, I have to question what _else_ has been put into the program that hasn't been documented. Unfortunately, this lends credibility to Fyodor's detractors, and raises questions for me as to whether nmap belongs on my computer at all. (As a network professional that has rights to portscan his network it is a useful tool.)

Comment Definition of extortion (Score 4, Insightful) 375

Umm, so the record industry doesn't actually make it legal for the students to share the music, they just require their cut and they promise not to sue.

I hope someone more qualified than myself takes this up because they are trying to extort money from the universities in what appears to me to be a very literal definition of the term.


Warner Music Pushing Music Tax For Universities 375

An anonymous reader writes "Warner Music is pitching the idea of a 'music tax' for various top universities. The idea is that students would be free to file share, but the university needs to monitor and track everything, create a pool of money, hand it over to a recording industry entity that promises to distribute the proceeds fairly. In exchange, the university gets a 'covenant not to sue' from the music labels. It's not a full license, just a basic promise that they won't sue. It's also claimed that this is 'voluntary' but the Warner Music guy says that they need to include all universities and all ISPs to really make it work. It's basically a music tax, where the recording industry gets to sit back and collect money."

Comment Re:WRONG (Score 1) 747

Most of the time it is the application that causes the SBBOD, and you can click on a different application, then force quit the offending app. That's assuming that the app isn't just working out a problem in non-standard ways, which is why Mac OS puts up the SBBOD in the first place.


Unix Dict/grep Solves Left-Side-of-Keyboard Puzzle 423

destinyland writes "For decades, people have been asking this brain teaser: 'What's the longest word you can type with only the left-hand letters on a keyboard?' The answer is supposed to be 'stewardesses,' but grepping the standard dictionary that ships with Unix reveals a much better answer. There's nearly 2,000 shorter words that can typed with only the left hand — including one word that's even longer. (The article also quotes a failed novel attempt using nothing but words typed on the keyboard's left side.)"

Comment Re:What Microsoft should really have considered (Score 1) 652

10.1 is faster than 10.0 on the same hardware.
10.2 is faster than 10.1 on the same hardware.
10.3 is faster than 10.2 on the same hardware.
10.4 is faster than 10.3 on the same hardware.
I can't say about 10.5 because is either the same speed or slower on the same hardware, but I've switched hardware too.

Each of these revisions added features. Each of these revisions were also optimized more than the others (with the exception of 10.5.) The expressed feature of 10.6 is optimization, so I expect it to perform better than 10.5 (and 10.4) on the same hardware.

Comment Re:Strange Complaints (Score 1) 771

You do realize that netinfo was phased out as of 10.5? Those of us running Leopard have dslocal, which is a nice set of flat files to work with.

For more information, I will turn to Joel Rennich, who knows a hell of a lot more about this than I do:

Comment Re:Strange Complaints (Score 1) 771

NFS on OSXS is a couple clicks away from sharing your files with the world if you don't know what you are doing.

Also, where AFP hurts is in the dealing with many tiny files. Get a large file, fast enough server, and fast enough network and your internal hard drive will be the limiting factor on a file copy.

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