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First Person Shooters (Games)

Infinity Ward Fights Against Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters 203

Faithbleed writes "IW's Robert Bowling reports on his twitter account that Infinity Ward is giving 2,500 Modern Warfare 2 cheaters the boot. The news comes as the war between IW and MW2's fans rages over the decision to go with IWnet hosting instead of dedicated servers. Unhappy players were quick to come up with hacks that would allow their own servers and various other changes." Despite the dedicated-server complaints, Modern Warfare 2 has sold ridiculously well.

New EVE Expansion Nears, Possible Mobile Plans 74

As the EVE Online creators ramp things up for the free Apocrypha expansion due out next week, lead designer Noah Ward sat down with MTV's Multiplayer blog to discuss the future of the game and what characteristics continue to keep players interested. Ward says they've considered branching out to consoles, but ended up deciding that the game doesn't really lend itself to console play. He left the door open to using smartphones for "augmenting" gameplay. Ward also mentioned that upcoming space MMOs Jumpgate: Evolution and Star Trek Online are so different from EVE that they're not really worried about direct competition; EVE thrives in part because of the player-generated drama and scandals, which few games pull off as well. Massively has gathered a variety of details about the Apocrypha expansion, which includes the game's first epic mission arc, and they've also posted some screenshots. CCP Games launched a website for the expansion containing concept art and interviews with some of the developers.

Comment Re:Funny.... it's not about the vaccine (Score 1) 1056

This particular case actually didn't address the mercury issue. There are other ongoing cases which do.

However, the current scientific consensus is also that the mercury used as a preservative in some vaccines (thimerosal) is not linked to autism. Of course, thimerosal was also phased out of vaccines several years ago due to all the hoopla.

Comment Re:They might be right, actually. (Score 1) 683

Er... not quite.

The use of the phrase "derivative right" is a bit misleading. Under copyright, there's the right to create a derivative work. For a work to be derivative, there needs to be fixation of that work in some tangible format, including electronic. There's no fixation here.

Similarly, not all performances are infringement. Copyright law covers *public* performances. This is not a public performance. If there is a public performance, it is the user of the device that is making that performance public, not any aspect of the device itself.

Even if that performance was somehow contrary to the ordinary rights of the author, I can't really argue that a private performance would not be a fair use.

Role Playing (Games)

Vanguard Dev Talks About the Game's Future 86

Massively sat down with Thom Terrazas, producer for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes about what the future holds now that the game has had time to stabilize after a rocky start. Terrazas talks about some of the upcoming content, and explains why they chose to develop in the direction they did. "A lot of the requests are a mix of high-end content requests. You know, keep delivering higher end content so that progress doesn't stop for our players. In addition there are many requests to fix current content. Those are the two things that the players have requested the most." He also provides some general information on their ideas for alternate advancement. "... the idea is you can build your character out so it's a bit more specialized in things like damage, or mitigation, or spell damage. So you can specialize any way you want. We're working on that now, and it's something we're looking to launch in the raiding portion of Pantheon. So if you really love your character and want to specialize in something more, be a little different then the rest of your class, then AAs will be coming with the second part of Pantheon so you can customize your character further in the higher level."

Video Game Conditioning Spills Over Into Real Life 232

doug141 writes "Lessons learned in video games may transcend computers, PlayStations and Wiis. New research suggests that virtual worlds sway real-life choices. Twenty-two volunteers who played a cycling game learned to associate one team's jersey with a good flavored drink and another team's jersey with a bad flavored drink. Days later, 3/4 of the subjects avoided the same jersey in a real-world test. Marketers and lawyers will take note."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - In-depth review of Tekken: Dark Resurrection PS3

Jess Pfalzgraf writes: "This is one of the things that Sony did right: a roomy hard drive allows them to sell larger, more fleshed out games than what we've seen from Nintendo or Microsoft. Ars Technica takes a look at Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, one of the strongest games released online on any of the systems. Sony may be doing many things wrong, but this ability to offer nearly full retail games directly to customers is a big advantage."

Submission + - Why DRM Cannot Open Up New Business Models

An anonymous reader writes: Techdirt has a cool post up that doesn't just explain why DRM is bad, but gives a really interesting economic explanation for why DRM cannot create successful new business models. Since the RIAA and MPAA keep insisting that DRM will create new business models, it's useful to see an argument for why that's basically impossible.

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