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Comment Re:Theft (Score 1) 311

They steal from you, so it might not be such a crime to steal from them. By not paying taxes they steal money from everyone. Just divide what they stole by the number of people living in the US and you get the figure they stole from you.

Now, do you still feel that this is not important?

Stealing from individuals is one thing. Stealing from large corporations is kinda different. That is why people evade taxes. The government is a huge operation. Common morality works this way.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 287

You are trolling on Slashdot claiming you were indirectly involved in Saddams biological weapons program and that the Clinton administration was bought into approving it?

As much as I hate liberals I would like to point you to the huge holes in your story, but the bs bells over here are ringing so hard I find it difficult to think straigt.

"alarms going off"


And US intel services didnt know of didn't react???

Comment Re:But isn't that the idea? (Score 1) 676

"Moreover, you don't make many friends or any inroads if you manage a project in such a way that you expect volunteers to contribute their work for free in such a way that a company keeps the rights to that code and incorporates it in a proprietary product while the original developer gets squat."


There are many very successful products that do exactly that. That is not the problem. The code is under the GPL as well. The original developers are quite fine with that.

Comment USB was on my mind as well (Score 1) 136

A friend of mine has a Macbook. His Wlan connection didnt work, because aps he was using were too far away. I advised him to buy a cheap usb stick so he could attach it to a usb cable in order to move the antenna around the desk to receive better signal without having to shove the whole Macbook around. I was also warning him about first checking which were supported with his Macbook.

Next time I saw him he had a Linksys. And it worked perfectly-

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