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Comment Re:Doctors presciptions my ass: Agriculture (Score 2) 433

Recent inspections in Germany showed that over 90% of all chicken produced for consumption contain remains of antibiotics. So I guess you are right.,1518,797970,00.html (german), (Yahoo Babelfish Translation)

Submission + - Borrowed too many books - Aaron Swartz arrested (

ahaubold writes: Aaron Swartz, former executive director and founder of Demand Progress, was indicted by the US government. As best as we can tell, he is being charged with allegedly downloading too many scholarly journal articles from the Web. The government contends that downloading said articles is actually felony computer hacking and should be punished with time in prison.

Comment Re:Oh, a not so smartarse. (Score 1) 1148

I am not a native English speaker, so maybe my grammar was unlucky. What I wanted to say be using the words radiation and contamination in one sentence was something like "radioactive contaminiation". Anyhow, the first reply already told me, that this discussion is going to be Haarspalterei and Kindergartenkacke. Nevermind. Have a nice day though.

Comment The Remaining Risk (Score 1) 1148

It exists. Although the Power providing companies want us to believe it does not matter. It is there and now we can see it. And it is not only in Japan. With every nuclear power plant comes the risk of nuclear incidents. Politics ignored that for ages. Hope they wake up now. Fukushima is not the first and will not be the last. There is an incomplete list at wikipedia: Next time it can happen at a plant near your hometown. Keep that in mind.
Classic Games (Games)

Hank Chien Reclaims Donkey Kong High Score 122

An anonymous reader writes "If you can say anything about Hank Chien, it's that he evidently doesn't take defeat very well. Sure, he knew not so deep down that his Donkey Kong World Record score wouldn't last forever, but he couldn't have foreseen that it would have been toppled so quickly. Twice, even. But he also knew that more Kong competition would be coming his way; namely Richie Knucklez Kong-Off in March. So Hank had something to prove, and prove he did. Scoring a massive 1,068,000 points in less than three hours, Hank has officially reclaimed the high score in Nintendo’s 1981 arcade classic."

German Kindergartens Ordered To Pay Copyright For Songs 291

BBird writes "Deutsche Welle reports: 'Up until this year, preschools could teach and produce any kind of song they wanted. But now they have to pay for a license if they want children to sing certain songs. A tightening of copyright rules means kindergartens now have to pay fees to Germany's music licensing agency, GEMA, to use songs that they reproduce and perform. The organization has begun notifying creches and other daycare facilities that if they reproduce music to be sung or performed, they must pay for a license.'"

RIP, SunSolve 100

Kymermosst writes "Today marks the last day that SunSolve will be available. Oracle sent the final pre-deployment details today for the retirement of SunSolve and the transition to its replacement, My Oracle Support Release 5.2, which begins tomorrow. People who work with Sun's hardware and software have long used SunSolve as a central location for specifications, patches, and documentation."

MasterCard Hit By WikiLeaks Payback Attacks 715

An anonymous reader writes "MasterCard's website has been hit by a distributed denial of service attack. Netcraft describes how the attack uses a voluntary botnet of LOIC (low orbit ion cannon) users to swamp sites with traffic. PostFinance, the PayPal blog and Swedish prosecutors have been targeted previously."

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