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Comment Re:Surprise (Score 1) 468

Debate? You see, that is the problem. Climate change is an event, like earthquakes, the sun rising, and cargo ships running into a pier. It is not like a gun control debate or an abortion debate where opinions matter. Climate change simply happens.

True, now tell that to all those lunatics that say it is human made for certain, and never debate (oh well, there should be a debate) how to deal with a natural climate shift, but just say we must do this or that to prevent it (like it was assured that we can prevent it).

The reason people are suspect when they criticize the overwhelming evidence that exists right now is because there are substantial political and corporate interests that support framing it as uncertain or as a debate.

The same reason goes for all those mediocre scientists (the vast majority of them) who could never dream of topping the bill if there wasn't some heavy controversial and popularized debate like this. If there is no debate, it is because every thing that happens is dismissed as "it's all according to the models", yeah, how could it be differently? There are literally thousands of different models, predicting all and its contrary. But, yes, it is an event and there must be no debate, because it is certain and all according to the models. Mind you, I believe (that's the correct term) that there is a climate change, but everything beyond that is just to early to call.

Comment Re:Xbox is finally making money (Score 1) 404

that division had a few other things as well that were proven money losers. the x-box had the best attach rate for games for many years now

But that division has/had other things that were proven money grabbers: the EDD division collects royalties from mobile devices (Android phone/tablet makers, among others), Office for Mac (until 2010), actual devices (mice, keyboards). The division has lost a couple of billions since 2001, however this figure does not include the original Xbox development costs (the EDD was founded just prior the Xbox launch), so the actual losses could be even a billion or two more.

Comment Re:This IS important (Score 0) 68

To be pedant, those rocks are "thought" to be from Mars. What puzzles me the most is the fact that there is a number of these martian meteorites and there's a Wiki article about them and all, but I can't find anything about meteorites from Earth: I mean the escape velocity of Mars on Earth is more than enough to eject a rock into the exosphere, whence it should fall back to Earth (as a meteorite?). Ubi sunt?

Comment Re:Progress! (Score 1) 215

Sorry, I pasted the wrong link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_orbital_launch_systems . The source for the Atlas V cost is a PDF with various data estimated by the FAA. For the PSLV there are multiple sources: http://www.space.com/1777-israel-chooses-indian-pslv-launch-spy-satellite.html , http://techie-buzz.com/science/isro-pslv-launch.html etc.

Comment Re:Progress! (Score 2) 215

SpaceX is blowing the competition away. Even the Chinese have said they can't match SpaceX's prices.

I'd like to have some reliable sources for that, because SpaceX said that the launch cost for a Falcon 9 was $35-55 million, than they revised it to $50-56 million, than they published the estimated launch cost ($54 million) for the still non-existent Falcon 9 v1.1 and stopped publishing the costs for the actual Falcon 9 v1.0. The only commercial launch so far was CRS-1: it's a Falcon 9 + Dragon mission that NASA paid approx. $133 million ($1.6 billion for 12 launches) and it carried just 15% of the advertised payload and it should be a discounted price (12 launches contract + secondary payload).

By the way, the launch cost for a Atlas V is $125 million, for a Russian Proton M (21 ton payload) $85 million, for an Indian PSLV (3 ton payload) $17 million, for an Ukrainian (3.7 ton) $14 million [1].

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 3, Informative) 245

No, that's a link to all the open source software included in MacOSX, or are you telling me that Apple developed OpenAL, zlib and SQLite (among many others)? Not to mention that all that APSL software is GPL incompatible, DFSG incompatible and, ironically enough, BSD incompatible. Nice try though.

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