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Comment Re:Not on National Basis - Some Local Solutions, Y (Score 1) 1139

However, extending high speed rail across the US makes no economic sense now, and would place the government into direct competition with private commercial transport.

There is no such thing as private commercial transport. The highways are all built and maintained by the goverment. The airline industry gets "bailed out" with public monies every other day. Airport authorities are not private corporations, either. Saying transport mode X can't "compete" with transport mode Y is just another way of saying that X is less heavily subsidized.

Comment Re:what do you expect (Score 1) 256

Because it is impossible to pirate books to a Kindle?

It is trivially easy to read pirated books on Kindle. Not that I have done this, mind you, but I hear that there are websites out there with ebook torrents on them, and there's this program you can get to convert them into a Kindle-readable format.

The Kindle device doesn't require DRM, the Amazon bookstore does. These are two separate things that people seem to keep mixing up.

Comment Re:Still not convinced about e-ink (Score 2, Interesting) 219

In my experience, the eyestrain thing seems to be correlated with age. When I was a younger man, I read all sorts of e-books on my palm pilot with no problem. That was maybe 10 years ago. Now that I'm a wizened old geezer (35), I can only read on my droid for maybe half an hour before my eyes fee like they're starting to melt, but I can read on my Kindle for hours and hours with no problem. The fonts on the Kindle aren't especially good, so I doubt it's font-related.

Comment Re:sad (Score 1) 168

I actually prefer reading on my Kindle to most paper books. My eyes go buggy reading on a computer screen, too, but the idea that you can't "curl up" with a Kindle is nonsense. I read my Kindle in my comfy chair, in bed, on the toilet, in the waiting room at the doctor's office, etc.

The Kindle's display does not make my eyes go buggy at all.

Really, the only advantage paper books have is that you can't "thumb through" the Kindle, and that graphics / diagrams / photos look like crap on the Kindle.

Comment Re:Kindle isn't the only e-book reader! (Score 1) 116

But really I want to stress that the most important "feature" is that is not Defective By Design: with the Kindle you have to send your PDF or HTML files to Amazon to be converted to the proprietary and DRM'ed format used, which will then only work on a single device,

You are entirely wrong about this. You can convert your PDF into a mobidoc on your desktop and copy the prc file to your kindle over the USB port. I do this all the time, and it works out great. No DRM, doesn't involve Amazon at all.

Comment Re:Kindle isn't the only e-book reader! (Score 1) 116

but it can also appear as an USB key to a PC) and most important is very open: no DRM bullshit, it runs Linux

I have a first-gen Kindle, and I am quite satisfied with it. It runs Linux too. It's a USB storage device too. It reads non-DRM ebooks just fine. There is "DRM bullshit" if and only if you buy your books from Amazon, which is not a requirement.

I bought it to read books, not to try to get root on it. If getting root is really worth spending an extra $500, be my guest, but I'll keep my money and spend it on books.


Submission + - Why Saucers?

An anonymous reader writes: I have a question for engineers. With CNN and MSNBC covering the UFO sighting at an airport, and all other UFO sighting's, a thought popped into my head (We would have to assume that these UFO sightings are real). Can any engineers justify why a saucer shape seems to be the common choice for space travel? Of course I am only looking for theories.

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