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Submission + - Ion-Infused Asus Eee PC 1201N First Look ( 1

MojoKid writes: "Atom-based netbooks have come a long way since they were first introduced. 7 and 8-inch netbooks are no longer the norm, and availability of 12-inch netbooks is on the rise. The newest member of the Asus Eee PC lineup is the Eee PC 1201N, and it really stands out in the crowd of netbook in terms of specifications. The machine features a 12.1" HD display, new dual-core Atom 330 CPU, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, an HDMI output and
NVIDIA's Ion chipset with integrated GPU. HotHardware was able to demo the system's ability to handle more advanced benchmarks, thanks in part to the Ion GPU. It's also the first netbook they tested that could actually play older 3D titles respectably. You won't get Crysis running but lighter duty titles can be played back nicely if you tone the details down and lower the resolution. It the 1201N also played back 720p and 1080p content without stuttering, and the dual-core CPU allowed enough headroom to multitask while videos were playing."

Comment I wonder.... (Score 1) 376

I wonder how much of their bandwidth will be taken up by lol cats and tweens nabbing the latest $CurrentPopArtist Album?

Money down McDonald's will never get nailed by the *IAA's for people downloading content on their networks. If I left my wifi at home open to everyone and someone nabbed a movie or something off of it, you'd bet it'd be my ass that'd get in trouble.

Comment Re:Score one for the free market (Score 2, Interesting) 376

My city had the opportunity to have free city wide wifi (probably just for a year) because a local company was trying to start up and wanted to show off their service (and test their equipment). The city council decided the city's citizens were not interested in such a thing as wireless internet.

One of our neighboring cities now enjoys said city wide wireless.

Course my city decided that using a point to point wireless system using radio (maybe micro wave) was a great idea for their internal infrastructure.


Submission + - Geek Squad Wouldn't Honor Netbook's Warranty (

supersloshy writes: The Consumerist reports an incident where an anonymous reader's netbook's protection plan was apparently voided when he installed Linux on it. "The manager of the Geek Squad informed me that installing Ubuntu Linux on my machine voided my warranty, and that I could only have it serviced if the original Windows installation was restored.", says the anonymous reader. However, his problem was because his "touchpad and power adapter had been broken", which is clearly a hardware issue. He re-installed Windows so he could have them repair his netbook, but they insisted that Linux caused the problem and kicked him out of the store.

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