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Comment Re:Insilvent? So what? (Score 2) 252

I've had the opposite experience. The local USPS workers are pretty friendly, prompt on the job, and the only time they've misplaced my mail was a special scenario(to my business address; the new postal guy didn't know that my mailbox was no longer in use, long story). That said, I work from a small town where they wouldn't be overwhelmed easily. I'm guessing you're in a more metro area, and so I think it's understandable(though still a problem) that the workers would be demoralized or quicker to anger if they themselves were surrounded by angry people.

Comment Re:Open source government? (Score 1) 239

Purging the heathen. A quest for glory. Destroying the bastards that would harm our Great Leader. You think those slaughters were carried out by soldiers thinking "this is wrong, this is bad, this is evil" every step of the way? Hell no. You're the evil one, infidel.

Plain and simple, the GP speaks the truth. There really is no single definition of evil.

Comment Re:Yo, Jimmy, I've got an idea: (Score 1) 608

On the other hand, they aren't always there(though it seems like it now). I'm not sure it's even about that though. Right now, it looks like Jimmy is struggling to keep the original dream of an ad-free information depot alive. It's against crushing odds, and chances are he'll fail, but this is a fight for pride.

Comment Re:Yo, Jimmy, I've got an idea: (Score 1) 608

Okay. I see what's wrong with Wales' approach to getting funding. A lot of people find begging annoying, ads are the Way of the Internet, and it's just not working, sadly. But I honestly respect the guy for it. Wikipedia has always been ad-free, and was meant to stay that way. The founders wanted to make a clean site where everyone could come to contribute and take information freely. Right now, he's eating a big ol' slice of Humble Pie trying to keep it that way. So I say, regardless of his doomed support plan, he deserves a lot of credit for fighting for it.

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