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Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 386

I just reread the parents and i got a little off base. The discussion is that consoles are made with the idea of local mp. This is proven crap by the need to go to niches, or to games years ago, that used that as one of the major selling points showing it is abnormal in the market. So no consoles are focused on one player just like PCs. The occasional 2 is a bonus and anything more is almost universally niche games. Now that isnt to say it doesnt exist, But then again local multplayer exists on PC, u just have to look for it.So

Well, considering the average number of players per console not on the wii is 2, and the majority of AAA titles that have multiplayer is actually 1 with online play, there's no longer much difference.

is true.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 386

Ok my bad for using split screen,local multiplayer then.

So u name a game that was largely heralded for its local multiplayer(and u had to go back 4 years to get it),Genre games that make local multiplayer extremely easy the put in(which racing games are slowly begging to phase local mp out), a puzzleracer game(can u get more niche? and also 4 years old btw) and one that doesnt even have local multiplayer on ps3(ghostbusters, why even throw the name out there, a shit game that goes against your argument). the lego games are hardly hardcore gaming, while enjoyable. So no they arent focusing on local anymore. All the big titles dont put any real effort into local multiplayer. And not one game on your list is considered hardcore gaming. Now there has been a few, borderlands is the game that jumps out u seem to ignored(although it is only 2 player offline). GoW has a ok coop campaign mode. CoD's is utter shit. When the company thinks multiplayer, they see online. Local gets the scraps. it is slowly getting better tho.

a quick google of local multiplayer shows about half the results my front page are about the death of local multiplayer or complaints about it being ignored. like i said, outside the niches, it is a backseat thing.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 386

and do u enjoy dealing with ported crap 90% of the time, Yea we can tout BF3 as being PC centric but it is a big deal simply because the reverse is true for almost every other game. I much prefer my PC for gaming but usually if it releases on everything, pc gets the least attention. RTS is the only genre i see as still being a dominant PC domain. even puzzle games have moved to cellphones. That will change i think for the next few years, till a new gen console comes out because devs are sick of being limited by old hardware, When ps4 comes out and they arent limited by hardware again, i foresee a strong revert back to console centric days. but the bright side is because of MS and Sony putting it off as long as possible we got atleast another 2 or 3 years of good PC gaming. Also how do u respond when someone challenges or SCIV, SFIV, or fight night abilities? Only proper response i know of you cant do on a PC or Wii.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 2) 386

umm no, any form of split screen has in general been ignored by the industry. Until just recently it was almost no existent. At my home we have 2 ps3s. We bought the second last year after having next to no split screen options. and the ones out there are hastily put together crap,Yea im looking at you borderlands(but hey at least they tried and 2 is supposed to fix some of the problems). decent Coop campaigns are even harder to find split screen these days.(you want to play that awesome campaign with your friend, i think not silly gamer, how about 5 or 6 short easy to accomplish missions that u can blow mabye an hour on before u have raped them into oblivion) Name off a few of these 4 player games u speak of? Shit i challenge you to name a few split screen (2 players)games where it isnt tossed in half hazardously as a afterthought on a ps3 or 360.

If i am not mistaken there have been quite a few articles in gaming media that discuss this in great detail, and basically the move has been to make u buy 2 copies. To say that there is still a focus on getting 2 or more people infront of 1 tv seems laughable when u look at the game market. Reach is the only game i can think of in recent memory that put effort into split screen. and really only because that is their niche and huge selling point for halo franchise has always been multiplayer on one screen.

If this seems a little lengthy, its because i have long been a campaigner of split screen multiplayer. Raping a random over the interwebs is fun but just doesnt compare to raping the person next to you. To have someone say that split screen gets any decent attention these days(much less the focus of the market) makes me a little angry.

Comment Re:Propaganda or Bad reporting? (Score 1) 898

From the US here(alabama) and I have to disagree. I have been in light trouble with the law since i was 13(only major thing was a possession charge in High School), As a rule of thumb, cop is out to get you. I have had some exp with law enforcement that was good, but these are few and very far between. Current favorite is i had a flat tire and while i was changing it a cop walks up and just starts looking in my windows, no "are you ok" or "can i give u a hand", just walking around not saying a word to me while trying his hardest to find something to arrest me for. When he didnt see anything in plain view he just walks off. Or the one who said i was causing a disturbance when i wore my Tripp pants to the mall(the kind with chains and whatnot, this also wouldnt fly now with the popularity that scene has gained but back there i was one of the few in the area and as such was the subject of lots of discrimination). I had a older sister that was arrested for possession, My younger sister was at her house when the cops got her. The younger has never been in any form of major trouble(nothing bigger than late for curfew stuff). When i arrived, she was in tears because the sheriffs told her that she was going to jail because she was with my older sis but if she had info they could work it out. Really? Where is that law?
    The position of law enforcement tend to attract a few types of personalities. Most of these are variation of Asshole, jerk, powerhungry dick. Sometimes you get a good one in it for the right reason but the vast majority are just there for the untouchable quality of the power. You do what i say or you get in trouble. Now i hear problems like this arent as rapant elsewhere(we had a new police chief that said he was gonna clean up abuse of power of police in my city, we had a 10th of our force go into early retirement or move off within 3 months.)


Police aren't machines. They're people. Be calm, courteous, and reasonably helpful, and they'll treat you well in return. That's how society usually works.

atleast where i live this is far from true. The only way to protect yourself is to know the laws associated with what you do, and this has kept me out of jail numerous times.

Comment Re:Mobsters ... but only if there are more than on (Score 1) 568

It wouldnt surprise me to see them use this in cases like Anon. That way u catch the 17 y o ddosing mastercard and can charge him with anything associated with the Anon collective(hacking the Arizona law enforcement for example). Do this once or twice(handing out those heavy sentences to someone hardly involved) and the cost of being one of Anon's sheep gets steep enough people stop doing it. Granted i dont know much about RICO, but the instant i read the headline, thats what popped into my head.

Comment Re:that guy should play poker (Score 2) 279

are you joking or just blind? I see apple marketing all over. look at all the Im a PC, Im a mac commercials, there were shit tons. Toss in the iphone commercials, ipad commercials. Instore displays and adds i am constantly seeing online(with adblock). You must be blind to not see the advertising powerhouse that is apple. It has always been about marketing for apple. Had Microsoft came out with the ipad(identical design) with their style of marketing, tablets would have never taken off.
      Really looking back at those commercials(the im a mac ones) its shows the business model was blatantly to be cooler not better and dammit it worked. Take inferior hardware, dumb down the OS, make sure it comes in bubble gum pink and cheetah print, and jack up the price to create a "only the select can have one" environment. Absolute marketing genius, only because 95% of america are nothing more than mindless sheep, but it worked.

Comment Re:+ 5000 jobs, - many more. (Score 0) 301

i have personally worked for 3 call centers in Alabama. Currently i work for verizon transferring contracts(call center job). Maybe you should look at the company's products you buy's practices a little closer and one day i can help you activate that new phone of yours. also i speak English, kinda, with words like yall and aint. if you have this problem is you are clearly one of 3 things.
A.To lazy to research different companies and their products to discover the one that fits you(this is why apple can sell crap at outrageous prices and sheep flock to buy them. Or reinvent(copy?) something made in the 90s and be called great innovators)
b. It doesnt bother you enough to do something about it:IE a lazy complainer.
c.too stupid to be able to do this kind of research.

a and b, stfu. U got a problem,quit complaining and do something about it. World is full of lazy people, only the non-lazy ones get shit done.
c. I am sorry for you, and hope you can find someone to attach to with the brain power to help.

Comment Re:Oh, they can fuck right off. (Score 1) 258

from the article: The officer who shot and killed Hill also was carrying a Taser but chose to use his gun instead, Rainey said.
In the case of a drunk man drawing a knife a taser would have been sufficient. If they had reason to believe he had a firearm, i would think the cop made the right decision, but they had absolutely no reason to suspect this. Did the officer have a right to kill him? Yes, if someone draws a knife on me, and i have my pistol, well i am a hell of a shot. He didnt get it wrong, he just didnt get it right either. I personal think protesting this guys death is pointless. He basically begged for it. However i will be Blowing BARTS phones up because cutting cellphones in that manner is inexcusable.
The second part is if the officer had wanted to, this could have ended without a fatality. He chose his gun instead. He chose deadly force over a very viable More than likely nonfatal alternative. This should be looked at in detail. An officer waiting for the a chance to kill someone while staying,barely, inside the law isnt unheard of. Infact i personally know 3 old friends who became cops who said thats why they did it. If i go to every scene looking for the chance, i will find my chance. when he draws a knife or takes out a apple i can call a hand grenade, bang bang bang and all inside the law. Who's to say this guy didnt jump at the chance to use his gun on something other than a target. I dont know, and nothing i read says anything about why he went gun instead of taser.

Comment Re:Motorola! (Score 1) 81

Umm this may not be refering to power mats but a new form of transferring energy wirelessly using magnetic fields. I saw a demonstration on TED. This form offers true wireless charging - you have several feet to work with,with the powermats the item still has to be in direct contact with the mat to charge.

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