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Comment Re:It tried to follow the plot (Score 1) 726

When Starship Troopers was performed at Rifftrax, they couldn't alter the movie in any way. To get around this, they had the cameras cut away to a silly diversion (Gorilla-grams!), while a non-offending corner of the scene played out in stage right. If you were live in the Belcourt theatre, you got to see the film in all its glory.

Comment Re:Failure is expected result (Score 1) 663

Your subject line is 100% on the mark: Failure is the expected & intended result.

Low test scores that result from this test make a great lever to use to privatize schools and/or get rid of teachers that can't get their kids to pass this charade. Corporate America gets to cluck their tongues at the crop of obvious dolts-in-ye-making an lobby their pet congressperson to allow ever more H1-B and offshored/temp labor to compensate.

I'd say this is working as designed.

Comment GOP solution (Score 0) 520

Hey, the GOP has offered EXACTLY the same regarding Obamacare -- they want to get rid of it, but have offered no replacement, no alternative. Apparently, the only thing they want is for us to go back to the way things were, where you were denied coverage unless you were exceedingly healthy.

Comment Tory from Mythbusters was there (Score 1) 520

Apparently; Tory Belleci from MYTHBUSTERS was there, and called in to CNN not that long after the incident was being covered by the network. Not sure if other Mythbusters were there also as I couldn't hear the entire conversation (TV is on low at work).

So, could be an interesting next season???

Comment Report the NSA to the RIAA (Score 5, Insightful) 394

Technically the NSA has been downloading copyrighted material, and very likely has more than a few MP3s of popular songs filed away in their datacenters.

I suggest we lobby the RIAA to sue the NSA for $10,000,000,000,000,000 because that's what 50 or so songs are worth, so they say.

The only trouble with this strategy of course, is that I don't know who to root for. The enemy of my enemy is my friend? No, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy dammit.

Comment Re:Hint (Score 1) 1160

Agree completely. I must point out (again) that the automatic appeals process costs taxpayers at least $2 million dollars, therefore life in prison/no parole is economically cheaper for taxpayers.

I fear that this would be fixed by getting rid of the appeals instead of doing away with capital punishment entirely.

Comment EEStor and other snake oil salesmen (Score 1) 95

There was a company, I think it was EEStor, that claimed they were building a Supercap that could be used to electric cars, I believe some Canadian carmaker (zep?) even licensed the tech, but the company never once displayed a working product, claiming that their process wasn't yet patented or some other kind of hand-waving. All very shady, and their press releases seem to be geared towards getting venture capital and producing nothing.

So the question: Is this a real breakthrough that will actually result in a real tech leap, or is this yet another bit of snakeoil meant to attract dumb people with fat wallets?

If Exxon Mobil or Chevron buys the tech, and then suppresses it, then it's real, we know that from experience.

Comment Zuckerberg's Big Plan -- a software Foxconn (Score 0) 258

So, if I can tie all the pieces together from various Slashdot stories about Facebook....

Zuckerberg is building In-Campus housing to warehouse all his H1B slave labor, whom he essentially locks into the building until they solve some tech problem.

They slaves can't leave the building, and also can't leave the campus, because their home is in-campus, and chances are, he's keeping all their documentation hostage, since his "plantation" is private property probably patroled by Private Security (the overseers)....

So when a fire wipes out his locked-in garment workers (erm, javascrpt slingers); Zuckerberg has essentially killed his own company.

Or, his slaves will eventually rebel, and there will be some campus-wide mass slaying of VPs.

So remember boys and girls, if you use facebook, you're supporting SLAVE LABOR....

And screw-ups like this morning will get more and more prevelant as Facebook's code gets more and more convoluted and patched together and hacked together and messy and unreadable. And Zuckerberg's race to the bottom brings him less and less smart people and more and more "Foxconn-Like" assembly workers who only follow orders and are unable to think on their own.

Comment It's a plane, not a very good car. (Score 2) 56

Yeah, good luck driving that thing to the supermarket.

If you want to see a "flying car", it will look more like the "Air Mule" (you'll have to google that folks) being developed by the Israelis.

It's basically a ducted fan in front of the passenger space, and a ducted fan behind the passenger space. Chances are, it doesn't have much range.

Comment Coddled kids are the problem. (Score 0) 734

Parents all tell their kids they are great, they never hit them for being bad, and those kids start to grow into toddlers who think they are immune to life, and then they get into the real world and have to start dealing with other kids in school who *also* think they shit roses, except these kids are a bit tougher, and so the less tough one kills herself. Oh boy.

These kids don't even know what it's really like to be bullied. Not only was I beaten up every day in elementary school, I had an older brother who liked to test out his fists on me as well.

And as for insults, I developed a way to deal with it -- I laughed; in fact, I still laugh at pain, I still laugh at insults, and I cut off the insulter usually by insulting myself first so the other guy has no ammo.

I make it clear to the bully that I'm tougher than they are; and they soon give up. However, it's made me callous to other people's suffering -- therefore, this 12 year old girl that offed herself should have grown a tougher skin and sucked it up, and learned to develop a way to deal with it or better develop a strategy to put the bully in her place. If I could do it, anyone could. She was weak to kill herself, so maybe the world is better off without her -- Darwin said only the strong and adaptable survive.

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