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Comment Zuckerberg's Big Plan -- a software Foxconn (Score 0) 258

So, if I can tie all the pieces together from various Slashdot stories about Facebook....

Zuckerberg is building In-Campus housing to warehouse all his H1B slave labor, whom he essentially locks into the building until they solve some tech problem.

They slaves can't leave the building, and also can't leave the campus, because their home is in-campus, and chances are, he's keeping all their documentation hostage, since his "plantation" is private property probably patroled by Private Security (the overseers)....

So when a fire wipes out his locked-in garment workers (erm, javascrpt slingers); Zuckerberg has essentially killed his own company.

Or, his slaves will eventually rebel, and there will be some campus-wide mass slaying of VPs.

So remember boys and girls, if you use facebook, you're supporting SLAVE LABOR....

And screw-ups like this morning will get more and more prevelant as Facebook's code gets more and more convoluted and patched together and hacked together and messy and unreadable. And Zuckerberg's race to the bottom brings him less and less smart people and more and more "Foxconn-Like" assembly workers who only follow orders and are unable to think on their own.

Comment It's a plane, not a very good car. (Score 2) 56

Yeah, good luck driving that thing to the supermarket.

If you want to see a "flying car", it will look more like the "Air Mule" (you'll have to google that folks) being developed by the Israelis.

It's basically a ducted fan in front of the passenger space, and a ducted fan behind the passenger space. Chances are, it doesn't have much range.

Comment Coddled kids are the problem. (Score 0) 734

Parents all tell their kids they are great, they never hit them for being bad, and those kids start to grow into toddlers who think they are immune to life, and then they get into the real world and have to start dealing with other kids in school who *also* think they shit roses, except these kids are a bit tougher, and so the less tough one kills herself. Oh boy.

These kids don't even know what it's really like to be bullied. Not only was I beaten up every day in elementary school, I had an older brother who liked to test out his fists on me as well.

And as for insults, I developed a way to deal with it -- I laughed; in fact, I still laugh at pain, I still laugh at insults, and I cut off the insulter usually by insulting myself first so the other guy has no ammo.

I make it clear to the bully that I'm tougher than they are; and they soon give up. However, it's made me callous to other people's suffering -- therefore, this 12 year old girl that offed herself should have grown a tougher skin and sucked it up, and learned to develop a way to deal with it or better develop a strategy to put the bully in her place. If I could do it, anyone could. She was weak to kill herself, so maybe the world is better off without her -- Darwin said only the strong and adaptable survive.

Comment Re:If only Ray Bradbury were still alive.... (Score 1) 548

"Many Christians flying planes into building loaded with people?"
That's a particularly offensive remark when you consider that a Christian president, without provocation, invaded a sovereign nation recently, and murdered well over 100,000 civilians, which is way more than a few thousand in a building.

Try having 9/11 happen to you EVERY WEEK FOR A YEAR, and that's what your Bush did in Iraq. Screw you and your religion.

Comment Re:If only Ray Bradbury were still alive.... (Score 1) 548

A very american-centric point of view. Try leaving your hometown for a while and get out into the world, and I don't mean just those areas that are safe for tourists, and find out just how many people throughout history and currently are being killed in the name of a christian god.

Comment Short answer "NO" (Score 4, Funny) 438

Long answer: Gravity is about as close as Hollywood's *ever* come to doing it right, and will probably be as close as anyone's ever going to get, until the day you can actually shoot your movie in space itself.

But by then it'll probably be a reality TV show -- "the real housewives of the moon", or something like that....

Comment If only Ray Bradbury were still alive.... (Score 2) 548

So at what temperature does an e-book burn?
Montag, you're a fireman!

So, lemme get this straight, they are going to ban all erotica, but "50 Shades of Grey" is still a top seller, right?

Only books from relatively unknown authors, eh? Yeah, that's not showing any favoritism... Why not shut down the entire Amazon self-publishing arm?

There's this book I'd like to ban... It's called the Bible, and more people have been murdered via this book than all the guns, videogames, territorial wars, and other sources combined. It is truly evil and needs to be abolished.

Comment War By Other Means. (Score 4, Informative) 139

I remember reading "War By Other Means" (http://www.amazon.com/War-Other-Means-Economic-Espionage/dp/0393318214/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1381510831&sr=8-3&keywords=war+by+other+means) more than 10 years ago.

The book starts off with how the USA, during it's early years, sent "spies" to European nations to gather their technology regarding weaving and agriculture, as well as the start of the industrial revolution, and how that enabled the USA to become a superpower, and now it's being turned around on us that other countries such as China are doing the same thing, except that they are doing it on a much larger scale.

That this is happening on a small scale in the valley is no surprise, since the lead-time on new tech is now incredibly small. Look how Samsung introduced a "smartwatch" based on a RUMOR that Apple was doing that.

Comment Fix your own house first (Score -1) 537

We're here poo-pooing Saudi Arabia while the US exhibits exactly the same asinine policies *and* has a non-functional government?

How about Virginia, which tried to pass a law outlawing any kind of sexual activity that wasn't straight vaginal intercourse? This means a private couple enjoying a blowjob could be arrested. Sounds like Saudi Arabia as well to me. North Carolina has the strictest anti-abortion laws in the nation, essentially bringing most women into the fray of 'property' regarding their own bodies should they ever find themselves impregnated, regardless of circumstance. Hell, it looks as though the rapist now has visitation rights to the offspring if he so choses.

And the federal government, millionaires that only represent other millionaires, is run by a fanatical faction called the Tea Party that would like to run our entire country like Saudi Arabia. Women have no rights, only the rich can rule, moochers have no place in society, and we'd be better off if they were all executed. We're here only to provide a labor force to corporations and we are required to give them our money so that they can have the profits they feel entitled to.

USA, fix your own house first before you denigrate the actions of any other government or society. But of course, you think you're perfect -- "murica fuck yeah!" -- half your population lives in trailer parks and 20 million children live in poverty, Walmart is your biggest employer, and *you're* telling other people how to run their countries? You've got to be kidding me.

Comment Global Population goes up, jobs go down... (Score 1, Interesting) 754

Even China will eventually replace a half billion workers with robots.

When the global population is 10 billion, 7 billion of those people will have no job and either have to rely on handouts or they still starve (or start to eat each other).

There will not be enough natural resources, and even if there were, all those resources would be retained by the upper echelons, essentially the top 5%.

I predict a global version of the French Revolution, and there will be a lot of head chopping after the authorities have run out of bullets to control the mobs.

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