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Comment Macwrite... (Score 1) 358

I'm having a similar problem. My father had started writing a book on Macintosh 512k using Macwrite. He passed away a decade ago, but, recently I uncovered a box of floppies.

Needless to say, even reading a floppy on a modern Macintosh is pretty much impossible, and even then, the older Mac documents had a data and resource fork, and recovering data from those early formats is pretty hairy.

Some of the data can be recovered, but it's unlikely I'll ever be able to completely read the book he was writing -- Unless I find myself a Mac 512 with Macwrite, and then run the text through the serial port to a more modern PC.

Comment I hate to be the one to say this... (Score 3, Interesting) 326

The ONLY, and I mean ONLY person to have ever done a sequel to a Ridley Scott film "right" was James Cameron. I know he's not well liked in Slashdot circles, but even Ridley can't do his own films justice, as we've seen with Prometheus.

In fact, when I first heard they were doing an Alien sequel when I was in college, I was aghast, as I am now over this Blade Runner sequel... But "aliens" was a fine shoot-em-up adventure film, and is still watchable even today. "Game over man" and "nuke 'em from orbit" are quotes used to this day.

There's simply NO WAY to make a Blade Runner sequel and do it right -- you might as well be talking about sequels to Casablanca and Citizen Kane. You don't mess with a classic. That terrible Planet of the Apes reboot with Marky Mark should have showed everyone that you just don't mess with a classic.

Comment And are we dropping another rock on Russia? (Score 1) 87

During the last asteroid flyby there was a coincidental meteor explosion in the former Soviet Union, caught by hundreds of in-car dash cameras... SAME DAY...

So, I would assume that this flyby should also have an associated and completely unexpected rock from space approaching from the opposite direction and oh, I dunno, wipe out Paris?

I mean, destruction of a major city from space would be horrific and all, but I can't imagine anything joining the world together in unity to create a real space defense (and get us out there and off this rock) than a few million people getting killed at once.

Comment Did they ever add the "3"? (Score 1) 276

Lotus 1-2-3 started out as a Spreadsheet and Database, with Kapor stating that they would be adding a Word Processor (making it a complete office suite), but I'm not sure that ever happened.

Eventually, they handwaved and stated that the charting and graphing was the "3", but that's just a feature of the spreadsheet, not a whole separate application.

So, did they ever actually add the "3"? Or has the product been Lotus 1-2 all this time?

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