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Comment Did they ever add the "3"? (Score 1) 276

Lotus 1-2-3 started out as a Spreadsheet and Database, with Kapor stating that they would be adding a Word Processor (making it a complete office suite), but I'm not sure that ever happened.

Eventually, they handwaved and stated that the charting and graphing was the "3", but that's just a feature of the spreadsheet, not a whole separate application.

So, did they ever actually add the "3"? Or has the product been Lotus 1-2 all this time?

Comment Yes, make them harder to buy (Score 1) 521

At least have a national background check before allowing the person to buy a gun, and yes, that includes private sales and gun shows.

Your argument that criminals don't follow laws therefore we should not enact those laws is outright idiotic. Imagine if we applied that to all other laws. "Everyone speeds anyhow, so why post speed limits and have cops waste their time giving out tickets?" hey, the free market will sort out those who can drive from those who can't right?

I realize we repealed the 18th Amendment because everyone was breaking the law anyhow, but that does not mean it's OK to turn all of the country into the wild west just because a few wackos want to have more guns than people.

Comment I'm with MS on this one... (Score 1, Funny) 716

Oh my god, I never thought I'd ever hear those words coming out of my own mouth. As someone who suffered through Windows 3.1 (reboot to change the number of colors on screen!) I'd long held fantasies of gunning down Bill Gates. I considered MS to be the root of all evil.

But now they they aren't really the top dog, and now that they seem to be struggling, and now that Google has proven that their motto is "do evil", I gotta say, MS ain't so bad anymore. Sure they make mistakes, and sure their software is utter crap, but you know what; if they are making a Youtube App that let's you save and comes with an ad blocker, I'm all for it.

Go MS! I'm with you! (oh my god I feel dirty now somehow).

Comment The 1% wants to keep you down, man! (Score 5, Insightful) 212

So since William Randolph Hearst demonized Hemp and forever tied to to Pot, it's been illegal to grow in the USA. You do realize that in most of the free world, you can walk into a grocery store and still buy products made from Coca leaf?

And yet in the "land of the free" almost everything is banned. Except guns. And you need those in case the government "takes away your rights". I hope you see the tremendous irony there.

Comment Tesla == Tucker (Score 1) 555

See if it's available on Netflix or something, but go watch a movie called "Tucker" -- it's the (mostly) true story about a guy with a lot of good ideas about making a good car, who started up right after WWII -- and the Big Three colluded with government to put the guy out of business.

50 Tucker Torpedos were built before the factory was shuttered, and of that number about 43 survive to this day -- he built a great car (i.e, mousetrap), but the world wasn't able to beat a path to his door before he was forced to close.

Frankly, I'm surprised that Musk has been able to survive this long, and Big Oil just hasn't shut him down. Of course, Big Oil owns most of the battery tech, and the Big Three aren't quite the powerhouses they used to be, plus Musk is starting out with enough cash to buy his own Senators, and I'm sure he's not as naive as Preston Tucker was.. So perhaps Tesla has a chance.

Comment Re:Second Amendment (Score 3, Interesting) 457

So... as long as the government comes after dissidents, one at a time, it's OK. As long as your rights are taken away, one at a time, it's OK. As long as you are oppressed SLOWLY, that's fine. Face it. America is sheeple. No one is ever going to take up arms against the government, and if someone does, he's easily dismissed as a kook by the media, and killed in a hail of gunfire and we all cheer on TV that we've been "saved" from this guy by the long arm of oppression.

Comment Second Amendment (Score 5, Interesting) 457

People keep claiming that they want to keep their guns because they need to protect themselves if their rights are taken away by the government...

HELLO???? At what point do you start defending yourselves? Your rights are being slowly stripped away and have been over the course of the last 30 years, and nobody does anything?

Even when the Stormtroopers are patrolling the streets, and curfew after dark is in place and people are afraid to speak against the government, or talk on their phones, with your neighbors turning each other in for 'treason'... you'll all still be sitting on your guns waiting for the government to take away your rights.

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