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Comment Quatermass and the Pit (Score 2) 168

Or known is the USA as "Five Million Years to Earth", had this plot although a little more "out there" -- but it essentially claimed that we were all descended from Martians. They came here in a spaceship and integrated their DNA into the indigenous life-forms and presto, that's where we came from.

BTW: If you've never seen this film, it scared the crap out of me as a kid. I didn't sleep for a week. It still sends chills down my spine.

Comment The car Mitt Romney derided... (Score 3, Interesting) 627

During one of the presidential debates, Mitt Romney named Tesla a failure, and claimed that the loan given to Tesla by the DOE was a waste of taxpayer money. This drove the stock down to $25 per share. I wish I'd bought then, because that stock is now around $140 per share, and climbing.

Comment Honeypots create copyright confusion (Score 3, Insightful) 175

Honeypots should be illegal.

If I am a band and I decide to distribute my music free to anyone that wants it, it's still copyright "my band", but apparently free to distribute. I've given users on the internet an implied license to download and use.

I cannot turn around later and start suing people who downloaded my music.

So, if you are the copyright holder of a porn movie and you set up a honeypot to sue people, your act of uploading the movie creates an implied license for others to download and use.

Therefore you should NOT be able to sue. It seems to me that copyright holders want it both ways; to be able to freely distribute and freely sue anyone they want, whenever they want.

But the real irony is that; once it's on the internet, the NSA has a copy, and good luck trying to sue those guys...

Comment Mod down original article (Score 2) 570

Never mind the submitter, or Slashdot for even carrying this story.
Mod the Original Article as flamebait.
Whoever even bothered to write the article in the first place needs to lose his license to write tech journalism. Author is clueless. Sure, *pay-for* unixes are dying. HOWEVER, Free/Open Source Unixes are thriving.

Comment Where is the GOP saying business-first shit? (Score 5, Insightful) 771

Why isn't the entire Republican party standing up for this provider, telling government to get out of the way of business? He built that! Now, if he's been a multi-trillion dollar bank, the government would leave him alone, hell, he'd be telling the government what to do.

This is just another example of "might makes right, we're a bully, and we're going to push the world around, usa #1 F-yeah!"

We are living in a police state; there's no doubt about that at this point.

Comment Nothing to live for. (Score 1) 321

Actually, it's the ones too afraid to talk to girls that I'm most scared of. Sooner or later, one of them will decide that after being a virgin for 50 years, he has nothing to live for and will blow himself up and take out a lot of people with him.

He will feel that he's been wronged by society, and maybe he'll decide also that his life was ruined in high school by jocks, so, maybe he'll walk into a crowded gym and blow it up.

Comment Survivalist Nutjobs rejoice! (Score 1) 127

Headed for the bunker with your bugout bag and your rifle.

Yeppers, I remember "cheaper than dirt" selling all kinds of crap for the Y2K apocalypse, and then there was the coming Rapture, and then the Mayan apocalypse.

I'm sure there were a few more end of the world scenarios I missed, but seriously, the end of the world seems to happen about every 2 years.

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