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Comment Death by terrorist is very unlikely (Score 1) 923

Seriously. What is everyone so afraid of?

Exactly how many Americans have been killed by terrorism total, in all of human history?

Now... okay, you got that number firmly in your head?

Exactly how many innocent Americans have been killed by POLICE, even as accidents, since we started allowing the police to carry guns?

I think that number will surprise you, because the odds are; you're far more likely to be killed by a member of law enforcement, than you are by a terrorist. Far, far, far more likely.

Comment Sorry, but you are wrong (Score 1) 358

You think you can change the system from the inside. Forget it. That's not possible anymore. It's too corrupt. There's too much money involved. Try to change the system, and they'll find your body floating in the Potomac. Or they'll just corrupt you, or you'll suddenly be accused of "rape", and they'll even provide a woman to testify against you.

That system cannot be changed by one guy at a time. In order for it to work, there'd have to be a massive overturn of people in congress, all at once, and that's not likely to happen, since the people with the money and connections always stay in office.

Remember that in D.C., there are no republicans or democrats, just millionaires. Republicans are Red, Democrats are Blue, and neither of them give a shit about you.

Comment Protein Bars (Score 2) 655

We will eat insects soon enough in the USA. But it will be mashed to a pulp, processed and reprocessed into "food bars" so that we will not recognize it as eating bugs.

McDonalds will be sure to include a lot of bug in it's "100% pure beef" hamburgers.

With the rising cost of feed, and the rising cost of meat, fast food and processed food will gradually include more and more bug into their mixture that becomes whatever it is we're eating...

Comment Re:Vikings? Really? (Score 1) 147

" we are going to invade their planets, kill whatever mostly resembles males, rape whatever mostly resembles females, and burn whatever mostly resembels crops? "
And don't you think that's EXACTLY what we're going to do when we find another planet with life? The USA invaded Iraq on false pretenses, and basically shot at everyone who wasn't an American. And that's with oversight and real-time news reporting. Can you imagine the havoc we'll create when politicians and the media are 220 million light years away?

Comment Bank Ink Packs (Score 1) 453

Banks have these explosive ink packs that permanently mark everything. They throw them in with the bags of money when they are being robbed. This helps trace the money and often also stains the criminals so that they can be spotted easily.

I suggest anyone planning on parking at the airport to throw a few of these ink packs in the trunk, and then when you get back you make sure to closely question the kid with the purple face.

Comment Coming soon: Leave on trip, search your house... (Score 1) 453

If the TSA knows you're away, I guess they will soon consider it OK to enter your house/apartment and perform a search. Of course, they will leave a nice note informing you've they've broken in. It will also explain your missing iPad or other desirable electronics. Good luck reporting *that* to the police.

When the hell is the government going to learn that 1984 was not an instruction manual?

Comment Re:Sorry internet (Score 5, Insightful) 159

And so where exactly is the "transparency"?

The kid killed himself because he downloaded information that *should* be freely accessible in a "transparent" world. Instead, it's a crime to do what he did, and he was threatened with excessive penalties, because "downloading" is apparently a WORSE crime than murder or rape.

Where is the "accountability" here, where the punishment should fit the crime? How has this country become so upside-down?

I agree that the world would not be a better place with vigilante justice, but it needs to be said that, for most people in the US, there really isn't any other kind of justice at all.

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