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Comment Re:IIS 6 (Score 2, Interesting) 173

Only if you keep your sessions in the same process as your application. ASP.NET supports keeping your session in another process (potentially on another machine) or in a database (slightly slower, but can survive server restarts etc). See for a quick summary.

You're correct about the application cache not surviving config changes, though typically this shouldn't be an issue as cache is only for convenience: users won't feel the difference if there's a cache miss, but they will feel the difference is the session is lost.

IE7 Blocking Google Image Search? 253

An anonymous reader writes, "I just tried a Google Image Search in IE7 for the first time. Whenever I click on an image, my browser tells me in big bold letters, "This is a reported phishing website." Try it yourself: make sure automatic phishing detection is turned on and do an (adorable) image search; click on one of the result thumbnails. MSN Live Image Search has no such issues. Insert Microsoft evil conspiracy theory here." I get this behavior under IE7, Win XP Pro, SP2, Parallels, Mac OS X.

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