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Journal Journal: Yeah, about that ...

Okay, so there's this quote that never seems to die. It's often attributed to Morgan Freeman, although I believe it actually comes from Henry Rollins; in any case, it doesn't much matter who said it. It just gets posted and reposted as a bit of snarky wisdom. Snarky it certainly is, but wise it's not.

First, the quote: "I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole." There it is. Read it, enjoy it, revel in the snark.

Comment It is called nitpicking. (Score 1) 438

Take a look at Les Misérables. The film is goes south very quickly at the end.
After Jean Valjean becomes wealthy why did he become mayor? He was still a wanted man after all. That was a stupid risk to take.
Why after escaping and saving Cosette why did he still stay in France? He seemed to have access to much wealth so why not go to Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, or Canada? I mean how stupid was this man?
Simple... It would have made for a terrible story.
Most if not all the "errors" in Gravity were to make a good story.

Comment Re:what about the data format? (Score 1) 204

Well probably the first step would be to create a rosetta stone for them. Encrypt something that will probably be around for for a very long time in multiple languages. I would suggest three religious texts the bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita.
Follow those by various texts on language, science, math, and history.
Next I would document all the data formats used in the rest of the data.
Then I would include things like all the patents and so forth.
Then store copies of all the data in lots of places. Places like monasteries, castles, forts, national parks, the dry valleys of Antarctica, the tops of the highest non-volcanic mountains of each continent, the Atacama Desert, the great pyramids, several of the Mesoamerican pyramids, Stonehenge, and finally Ísafjörður and Neskaupstaður Iceland. The last two are near the mid atlantic ridge but not near active volcanoes. With the seabed spreading at the mid atlantic ridge that land should be around the longest. Maybe it should be an ongoing project. Every 100 years each of the data stores gets updated.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 2, Interesting) 791

In fact both mini and micro USB are bad designs, they do not sit firmly in the socket and micro USB connectors have a tendency to break off the little plastic contact plate inside the socket.

I've not had that problem with either connector design and nor does anyone I know.

I'd say the sole problem with the current crop of tiny USB connectors is purely that whole four dimensional thing (where you have to turn it around twice to get it to fit.) Since the great switch over, I cannot think of a single device I've had where either USB standard has failed on me. They don't break, and they're difficult to disconnect accidentally - you really have to give a hard tug to unplug a microUSB cable.

I'm not surprised you were modded Insightful. There's a post on the Clinton thread that's modded +5 Insightful that repeats conspiracy theories about her so absurd not even Glenn Beck is making the same claims. But what you've posted is counter to reality. It's not a perfect connector, but it's become exceedingly rare any of us have had to throw out a USB cable because of a failure on the microUSB end, and the sockets themselves are close to indestructable.

Comment Re:I agree with SciAm, sort of. (Score 1) 254

I'm hoping this is sarcasm.

Yes, it is. I suppose I was getting dangerously close to Poe's Law territory, wasn't I?

Also, as I read it the original insult wasn't about her sex, it was about her decision to go for cheap low hanging fruit, and "whore" as an epithet has been applied to loads of people - it can almost be considered gender neutral.

Maaaaybe. I'm inclined to go with AC: the editor might still have been insulting in dealing with a man, but probably would have used a different insult. And there are gender-neutral uses of "whore," but I don't think this is one of them.

If it was about her sex, then smack them down. If it wasn't, smack them down.

Indeed. It's startlingly unprofessional either way.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 5, Interesting) 699

Yep. I remember one kid who kept asking, "Will it hurt? Will it hurt?" and his mother kept saying, "No, not a bit, honey" and the like, and the kid clearly wasn't buying it. So I looked him in the eye and said, "This is going to hurt worse than anything you've ever felt in your life. It's going to hurt worse than anything you've ever imagined in your life. It's terrible. You'll be screaming. It will feel like your arm is getting chewed off by a wolf ..." While he was giggling, I gave him the shot and he barely even noticed it. I'm willing to bet he was a lot less fearful the next time he went in.

Comment Re:I agree with SciAm, sort of. (Score 3, Insightful) 254

Since the topic of her blog is women in science, this actually seems to be right on topic. Do you think the editor would have used a comparable term for a male blogger?

Of course! Everyone knows there's no such thing as sexism any more (except for sexism directed against men, of course, thanks to the feminazis). This is just yet another example of a woman whining because she's being treated like one of the guys, and if she can't take the heat she should stay out of the kitchen! Or, er, get back into the kitchen. Whatever.

So I've learned by reading the Slashdot comments every time a "women in ___" story comes up, anyway.

Comment Re: "what is necessary to be done" (Score 2) 461

I agree. Also, charge him with the most offensive, evil, despicable crime this country has ever thought of.

Charge him with Copyright Infringement.

Yes, I think we can sincerely say that his crimes were that bad. Some would say his crimes were worse than copyright infringement, but there's no need for that kind of extremist rhetoric. Godwin's law exists for a reason y'know.

Comment Re:Here's the real problem he has (Score 1) 479

I've actually found that change tracking in Word is very easy to use—it's one of Word's better features. Revision control software typically falls down because it does line-by-line diffs rather than word-by-word diffs, and the diffs and their annotation can't be kept together easily. In principle revision control tools ought to totally rock for this kind of work, but in practice the UI isn't there except for übergeeks, and even for us it's really not all that convenient if the changes are extensive and need to be reviewed one by one.

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