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Comment Re:anti-sex ad policy? (Score 1) 192

when an executive engages in sexual acts with a subordinate within an organization, it constitutes sexual harassment.

Utter bullshit. Only if coercive elements are involved is it oppressive in any way, unless you're a weak minded, politically correct ninny. And in which case, I don't care what you think anyway.

Just for one example, my lady is the much loved daughter of a lawyer and his secretary, who he wooed and married and stayed with her entire life. Then, in turn, she was my student; I met her in that environment and we fell in love. Since then, we've been together 15 years and I guaren-fucking-tee you our relationship is mighty fine. Your direct insinuation that this process -- either example -- was in ANY way wrongheaded just shows you up as lacking the clues you need. What you're talking about is politically correct nonsense and bogus legislation.

Let me tell you the metric for "ok": It's informed consent. Nothing else. You can't have consent with pressure; what you have there is capitulation. But the idea that any intersection of differing levels of authority and personal relationships sans pressure are suspect, or worse, wrong, is just sick, a product of thinking that is grossly in error. If you had half a brain, you'd already have worked it out. How could a police officer or a judge or a politician ever find a mate? A martial arts instructor? By definition, the authority and/or power distribution is uneven. That's normal.

The fact is, it is ok, and one thing that is NOT ok, is some dweeb questioning someone else's choices absent any complaint from them. You are not your brother's (or sister's) mommy. Or, more concisely, fuck off.

Submission + - US denies Ecuador extradition request ( 4

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Joe Biden, the American vice president, has telephoned the president of Ecuador to ask him not to grant asylum to Edward Snowden. Rafael Correa, speaking on Saturday during his weekly televised address, said that the "cordial" conversation took place on Friday. "He asked that we please reject the asylum application that Snowden has made," said Mr Correa, according to Ecuadorean newspaper El Telegrafo. "But for us to be able to assess the application, Mr Snowden has to be inside Ecuadorean territory. When he is there, we can consider the application."

Mr Correa, whose Left-wing government is frequently at odds with the United States, said he told Mr Biden that Ecuador had requested the extradition of two of its citizens – a request with the US ignored. Roberto and William Isaias, who ran the collapsed bank Filanbanco, are wanted in Ecuador – having fled to Miami in 2003. They deny all allegations of corruption.

"He said to me that Mr Snowden is a fugitive of American justice and doesn't have a passport. So I replied, well, the Isaias brothers are fugitives of Ecuadorean justice, and they don't have passports, but you won't extradite them to us. The only difference is that the Isaias brothers have already been sentenced."

Comment Re:Speaking as a Mac owner (Score 1) 282

If you can show that any remark I made about the new Mac Pro was ill-informed because *I* wasn't paying attention, as opposed to speculative based on Apple not releasing info, have at it. Otherwise, yeah, you're a troll, so what. All Apple has said so far about the unit is it will support 3 4k monitors, 6 thunderbolt, 2 firewire, and 4 USB(3), with one CPU socket and 4 ram sockets, no internal HD or card expansion. All of my remarks about it that I can recall, at least, have been in that context.

But as I say, if you can point to something different...

Comment Re:Workers want to be in San Francisco (Score 1) 395

What, and Silicon Valley is an economical place to live? HAH! Try buying a house in Palo Alto, Mountain View or Sunnyvale and then get back to me about how cheap it is to live there.

It may be that SF is more expensive than the valley now, but it hasn't been that way historically, and that's _certainly_ not true of Oakland. Oakland is much cheaper than the valley, has better public transportation, as good food, less traffic, and better views. And you're closer to the east bay hills, which are fantastic for recreation, and closer to Yosemite, and I could go on and on...

Comment Re:You Don't Know What An Introvert Is, Obviously (Score 1) 395

The other kind of person is a misanthrope, not an introvert. I'm an introvert, and I definitely enjoyed living in San Francisco more than living in the valley. I enjoy still more living in Vermont, though. The real thing that's killing the valley is that you don't have to live there anymore, not that it's gotten worse.

Comment Re:Except, you're dealing with introverts (Score 2) 395

Oakland is a big city (in terms of area, not population). There are _really_ nice neighborhoods, and it has a decent downtown. Great Chinatown. The gang thing will get less prevalent over time if Silicon Valley really does move there. If I had to choose where in the Bay Area to live, Oakland would be high on the list. For one thing, they have public transportation, unlike Silicon Valley.

Comment Re:Except, you're dealing with introverts (Score 1) 395

There are tons of good restaurants in Silicon Valley. My favorite Korean soup place is in central Palo Alto. Fabulous Indian food. Sure, there's good food in Oakland and San Francisco, but it's population density and services that make those locations more desirable, not food. And really, neither San Francisco nor Oakland are particularly urban anyway—they're just _more_ urban than Silicon Valley.

Comment Re:Ever lived there? (Score 1) 395

It's not actually a city, it's more like a long series of 80s era malls which have been reworked to house Trader Joes and suchlike.

Anybody who complains that Si Valley is too suburban has not lived in Northern Virginia. The Peninsula and the corridor down to San Jose has lots of little cities with smallish but eclectic centers strung like pearls along El Camino, 101 and Caltrain. Compared to the Beltway's endless fields full of asphalt and cookie-cutter tracts, it's a walkable urban paradise.

Comment Re:Isn't this what the free market advocates claim (Score 1) 82

Abusive monopolies and massive quasi-governmental corporations practically fall into the same category as the state, so (little "L") libertarians would be opposed to them as well. Libertarianism doesn't exclude the use of regulation for the preservation of liberty. As the GP stated, there would still be laws concerning murder, etc.

Robber barons and feudal lords may be the poster child of (capital "L") Libertarianism, but not (lowercase "L") libertarianism.

Comment Re:Back in the Days of Kerosene Internet (Score 1) 176

And on dial-up, that used to take about 6 minutes per 1mb zip file, and always when the download reached 99% the dreaded 'click - Purrrrrrrrrrr' of the modem disconnecting happened, so you would have to download it all again after dialling up again.

Used to take days to get big files.

That reminds me of how awesome zmodem was with its resume capability. That changed things for the better. Then we moved on to http and lost resume for the longest time again...

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