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Comment asteroid impact (Score 1) 326

I do hope you all are aware that "Project: Deep Impact" was probably a secret mission to stop a potential asteroid collision. So don't get too excited about any potential asteroid collisions. We already have the capability to thwart such a menace, and have already done so. All further speculation is wasted... er, finger movements.

Comment huh (Score 1) 27

Who knows if Nvidia OR AMD (think: Fusion) has been funding this research?
That part about magic cost reduction sounds a little funny.
Also, I think it should be said that a decent single core graphics card might cost $150 vs. one of those power-wise full featured $300 PS3's with the Cell processor (not the mention a stream-processor carrying Nvidia/ATI video card).

Comment cool (Score 1) 249

I think it's awesome that a gamer has actually gone from racing games to the real thing. I truly believe that playing games has honed his skills in what to expect from some basic driving physics. At the same time, however, that doesn't mean that a potential expert marksman will be ready to fire an automatic weapon immediately. For those who don't play games, a game can teach the concept of recoil, the idea of burst fire vs. full auto, bullet drop, bullet delay/realistic target leading (Frontlines' delays may be strikingly realistic), sweeping corners like the SWAT team, etc. But they will never teach you how to actually deal with recoil or the adrenaline rush of active combat (I wonder if basic training even truly prepares you for that). This may sound funny, but the spread patterns in Counterstrike are actually very likely wider than in real life. With the exception of a real AK-47 that actually limits you to a 2 round burst followed up by single shots.

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