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Comment I agree... (Score 1) 130

If I had mod points, I would give +1 insightful. From a slightly different perspective, I work in IT for a State Government. The Feds and the States are very similar, except that they are reducing compensation at the State level. So recent graduates are not even looking for employment with the State. It is so bad now that we have permanent job postings for IT positions. But the benefits and pay are no where near private sector. They have to have contractors now that so many have retired. The contractors cost far more than State Employees. But you still read articles in the local papers about how over paid State Government workers are. Plus the same mantra over and over that government workers just sit around and do nothing all day. I guess if they keep this crud in the press, then the populace will accept it as fact. I know of many contractors who have failed in the day to day duties, yet they are still employed. Many of the government contracts are poorly written. Add to that management not holding the contractors to the signed contract and properly monitoring progress of the projects. Over all it is very sad to be in government IT unless you are a contractor. And if you are a contractor, your only benefit is in knowing that you are better compensated than the government employees around you. Either way you are still told: "Do more with less" which has never made sense to me. Following those instructions means that you have to loose quality or quantity. There really is no other choice. Throw in the furlough days, bank leave time, and all of the other compensation reducing schemes, and our compensation has been reduced by thousands of dollars per year. All of those savings are going to pay for contracts. In my state the contracts total over 15 billion. That is more than what it costs to pay for the state employees. They privatize different functions more and more. Costing the tax payers more and more. Sorry for the long rant. I will get off the soap box now and let someone else have it.

Submission + - Dr. J.T. Kirk. Shatner Accepts D.Litt Degree (

theshowmecanuck writes: William Shatner was granted a Doctor of Letters Degree at his alma mater, McGill University in Montreal. One of the more interesting parts of his speech involved his high school principal's car which was set on fire. An other interesting tidbit is that he doesn't really like the idea of going into space himself. An interesting short read on what made and continues to make one of our favourite former 'star ship captains' tick.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Volunteering for OSS Dev 1

DrZib writes: Being an engineer, I have only had moderate professional experience in application/web programming (mostly web scripting and a little C/C++) but, to broaden my horizons and contribute, I would like to get involved in a (F)OSS group. Anyone know of a good OSS group that will take an intro-programmer like me? And how would I go about getting my foot in the door (if not just shooting an email to one of the members)? Any suggestions welcome!

Submission + - The maximum overhang algorithm (

mikejuk writes: From playing with bricks as small children we all understand the idea of overhang — or at least we used to think we did. Recent award winning research suggests there is more to it than you might think.
So what is the biggest overhang you can create by stacking n bricks.


Submission + - Happiest places have highest suicide rates says ne (

Kyusaku Natsume writes: carries this story of new research from UK’s University of Warwick, Hamilton College in New York and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco that leads to this conclusion. Acording to one of the researchers:

“Discontented people in a happy place may feel particularly harshly treated by life. Those dark contrasts may in turn increase the risk of suicide. If humans are subject to mood swings, the lows of life may thus be most tolerable in an environment in which other humans are unhappy.”

Maybe this research explains why in third world countries the suicide rates are generally lower than in developed nations.

Submission + - Best Thirty list of planet's greatest Role-play ga (bestthirtylistofplanetsgreatestrole-playgamegamesoftwenty-firstcentury)

hirampena921 writes: Needless to say, bad products occurs, and King Graham needs to attempt an extended and also hazardous mission to eliminate stated bad things.

The technicians of the game tend to be suggestive to people of King's Quest V and onward. An individual are positioned on the framework food selection at the top, select the action you want Graham to accomplish, and click on where you would really like that action to be carried out. For being only the first occurrence, there is plenty to educate yourself regarding. Do not expect hrs regarding gameplay, even though, from this a single show. We finished the whole thing in about an hour or so.

My favorite point about this RPG online game down load will be the tiny asides Graham claims. Seasoned King's Mission participants just like myself will be in for any handle when he or she tends to make sweet humor about occasions in the earlier payments. Certain, when you laugh, it's the identical kind of laugh which hoity-toity nation clubbers spew out any time someone is really a laugh about Roquefort, but we all deserve to produce this sort of elitism. Kiddos boast about getting rid of hordes regarding zombies within Personal computer Role play game video games. Big deal. Attempt climbing a control staircase because Rosella before you announce that you are a real champ.

It really is unhappy in which Sierra introduced such a bad sport regarding KQ8. An individual performed some mystical person and all sorts of learn about has been fight. It absolutely was a much better follow up to be able to Avenue Martial artist than King's Mission, and also the company truly needs to be embarrassed with alone. My partner and i applaud The actual Silver Coating for keeping in keeping with the actual charming character regarding King's Pursuit, and also believe they've got delivered a product in which significantly surpasses Sierra's latest effort to take closure for this great number of Personal computer Role-play game game titles.

It is possible to download every one of the PC RPG games in the The actual Silver precious metal Lining from the TSL server as is also launched. Whilst it offers parts that basically help make King's Mission veterans enjoy the game, I'm sure gumshoe outdoorsmen also can find a lot of entertaining inside the Silver Cellular lining.

Most people enjoy online to create the hobby associated with gaming simpler. Let's face it, you don't have in the present modern society to handle the chaos and also limitations regarding board games, or the hassle of needing to generate towards the video and also waste materials your hard earned dollars. Using the internet showing itself to individuals of all ages, all over the world, among the most reliable connective platforms, people can open up their eyes with a modern day and also practical whole world of gambling that has no limits. Conflict video games and Role-play game games are swiftly getting some of the most beloved online games to obtain lost in. using a degree of appeal which appeals to a broad market, and a reasonable dynamics which nothing can quite rival, people are acquiring addicted to battling game titles and also Role play game game titles every day.

rpg games


Submission + - A Book Section That Like a History of PCs (

harrymcc writes: "Electronics Plus is an extremely geeky store in San Rafael, California. It's been in the same location since 1970--a fact you can tell by the fact that its book department still has tomes on the Timex ZX81, the Commodore 64, memory management for the IBM PC, and other topics that were once very important."

Submission + - Fukushima "illegal information" will be censored ( 2

dgilzz writes: The [japanese] government charges that the damage caused by earthquakes and by the nuclear accident are being magnified by irresponsible rumors, and the government must take action for the sake of the public good. The project team has begun to send “letters of request” to such organizations as telephone companies, internet providers, cable television stations, and others, demanding that they “take adequate measures based on the guidelines in response to illegal information. ”The measures include erasing any information from internet sites that the authorities deem harmful to public order and morality.

Submission + - Rumors of Higgs boson discovery at LHC (

Magnifico writes: LiveScience is reporting that scientists are abuzz over a controversial rumor that the 'God particle' has been detected by a particle-detection experiment at LHC at CERN.

The Higgs boson "rumor is based on what appears to be a leaked internal note from physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile-long particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland. It's not entirely clear at this point if the memo is authentic... The buzz started when an anonymous commenter recently posted an abstract of the note on Columbia University mathematician Peter Woit's blog, Not Even Wrong."

This could be a flat-out hoax or a statistical anomaly or... confirmation of the particle that bestows mass on all the other particles.


Submission + - Apple: We 'must have' comprehensive location data

An anonymous reader writes: Apple's iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, and iPad models are also keeping track of consumers whereabouts. Mac computers running Snow Leopard and even Windows computers running Safari 5 are being watched. But the question is why? "To provide the high quality products and services that its customers demand, Apple must have access to the comprehensive location-based information," Apple says.

Submission + - Father of CD's, Norio Ohga dies at 81 (

kaptink writes: Former Sony president and chairman Norio Ohga, credited with expanding the company from electronics hardware to software and entertainment and developing the compact disc, died Saturday at age 81. Ohga, who led the company from 1982 to 1995, died of multiple organ failure in Tokyo, Sony said.

Submission + - EC2 outage shows how much the Net relies on Amazon

An anonymous reader writes: Much has been written about the recent EC2/EBS outage but Keir Thomas at PC World has a different take: it's shown how much cutting-edge Internet infrastructure relies on Amazon, and we should be grateful. FTA: "Amazon is a personification of the spirit of the Internet, which is one of true democracy, access to the means of distribution, and rapid evolution."

Submission + - Verizon May Modify Your Router Admin Login 2

theMany writes: From an e-mail on April 24, 2011
Dear Valued Verizon Customer,
Good news! Below please find the description of changes to the Verizon Online Terms of Service (TOS) effective 4/19/11.
---------- snip -------------------------
3. Home Router Password Changes. Section 10.4 was updated to clarify that Verizon may in limited instances modify administrative passwords for home routers in order to safeguard Internet security and our network, the security and privacy of subscriber information, to comply with the law, and/or to provide, upgrade and maintain service. The administrative password for your home router is used to access the “administrative” controls for the router and to make changes to your router’s internal settings. We will use reasonable means to notify Subscribers whose home router administrative passwords are changed, which may include email notice to your Primary Email Address and/or an announcement on the My Verizon portal.
----------- snip ------------------
1. Does this policy bother others like it bothers me?
2. How may a user be held responsible for their TOS obligations when Verizon can essentially prevent them from administering access to the broadband from their side of the interface? For example, Verizon could prevent user control of the wireless access point to include management of passwords, encryption/type, SSID broadcast, MAC access table, etc.
3. What are the legal implications?
4. What are the privacy implications?
5. Ref the AcionTek routers used by Verizon: Is there a way to prevent modification of the admin password at the user site that requires Verizon to actually interact with a human there — first? (internal settings, board-level jumper, etc.)

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