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Comment Re:Open source? (Score 1) 215

As the chronic gambler should know that the casino wins on the long run.
The thief knows what would happen if he's caught.
He's point, I think, is not about less or more secure. either is as likly to incroporate bugs a the other. It is about the chances of finding a vulnerability and the time it takes to fix it.
With open source, If you happen (or know someone) find a vulnerability chancesa re you can fix it right a way, report/submit a patch. As for a closed source, all you can do is report and wait (slashdot is full of articles about that).
if there's a choice between blaming someone for a problem and avoiding the problem, avoiding (when possible) is always the winner strategy.

Comment Re:Why, oh why? (Score 1) 341

to each his own :). Isaid gentoo b/c, I use it (I don't even remember since when), still no systemd forced down my throat (KDE4 seems to not depend heavily on it, and frankly don't care for the desktop env, the only utility it has -for me- is keeping multiple windows open on the same screen, -heavy terminal user-)

Comment Re:Sounds like it worked (Score 1) 324

as I said .. "possibly".

You could try to do a clean shutdown, but then, say, some cleanup code tries to allocate a string to write persistent data to a database, fails, and writes garbage into the database instead.

clean/graceful crash is just that. If an operation you depend on fails, try to recover or exit in a clean fashion.

In most cases, 'just crash' is the better choice.

in production systems it never is (or at least the very last resort).
Also making assumptions may lead to something like this :
try doin somthing like this : ....
i = some_calculation function_that_might_return_0();
return res = 1000/i;
what would happen if it = 0, and that piece of code is part of some control software for a say a rocket or a plain.

Comment Re:Sounds like it worked (Score 1) 324

ok, I'm no expert but I had few courses in programing. and I remeber that if you did somthing like this you'd get a very bad grade:
int *p ;
p = malloc (sizeof (int));
*p = 1 ;
free (p);
the reason was : what would happen if malloc fails. The answer : possibly all hell will break loose. The lesson was don't assume, always check!!! in C++/JAVA it's is even easier: there's that thing called try .. catch

Comment Re:PDroid (Score 1) 324

even paid for apps can and will gather info.
Take cable TV fort instance .. paid for (a hefty sum sometimes) and still there's almost as much ads as content! paying doesn't magically aleviate or rsolve th problem. it is as you said " because people (generally) are basically lazy, stupid, greedy and short sighted." that we are in this situation !

Comment Re:Key exchange (Score 1) 118

pgp == static key. as this system of theirs dynamic keys : forward secrecy : no single key would be used twice.
if I store all encrypted messages and at some point I compromise the pgp key, I get access to all past/future -assuming you don't notice-- messages. In the case of their system if I compromise a key I get access to 1 message

Comment Re:engine produces what's needed (Score 1) 479

there is is it efficient may be not.

The engine is mechanically connected to the wheels, so whatever the engine produces propels the vehicle. There cannot be any "extra" energy. The system can produce more energy by pressing the gas pedal further, using more gas.

the net ouput at the drive shaft ( while my car is idling car if the AC compressor goes on I notice that the engine loses few rpm. On the road, I notice also that I need to press harder on the pedal to get the same speed (engine RPM). An alternator on a car can generate 50 amps at 12 volts (may be more but that's ~2hp at max capacity , since nothing is free is needs at least that amount of mechanical energy), what can this generate in term of electrolysis, how much fuel is consumed to generate that much energy.
the point is not to replenish the full tank, merely extending it. If burning the whole tanks yields a few grams (to move the vehicle few meters) it's not worth it but if it can produce say 1/4 of a tank that 1/4 max distance with a tank gained.
the electricity can come from different sources too, heat (muffler, engine block, which can help cool it -if it is a combustion- ) wind (small wind turbine, at highway speed ), braking (divert energy to shorten breaking distance, like engine braking with manual transmissions or some other contraption) ... etc.

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