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Comment Re:Hallelujah! (Score 1) 435

Sorry, but backbreaking work in the fields is not seen as progress by any developing or developed country. If farming with modern techniques is an evil, it's still preferable to mankind having to do more work for less benefit. Much of my family right now is dealing with unemployment, but there are certain jobs they will not stoop to because it contradicts everything that was promised about life in today's high-tech world getting steadily more leisurely.

This is fundamental to the problems of "developed" nations. Food is essential to our lives, and people who grow and harvest food should be regarded as champions, and held in high regard for looking after (working with) the land that we rely upon. We who live in cities (most of the "civilised" population) are disconnected with the earth we depend on; we are surrounded by a man-made world that disrespects the mother that nurtures us, and promotes concepts that feed racketeers with money. Most people in these cities break their backs or psyche doing "work" that is in no way directly relevant to fostering quality life.

We should be living a lot closer to our food growing areas. Look at Cuba and its inspirational urban gardening structure.

Comment Re:I'm sceptical (Score 1) 379

These measurements may also highlight a cultural difference between people who use distance/fuel (MPG) and fuel/distance (l/100km), besides the use of imperial versus metric systems.

"I have access to fuel. How far can I go?" versus "I need to travel somewhere. How much fuel do I need?"

In other words: "use what we have" versus "use what we need".

Comment Re:Of course Financial Data cannot be published (Score 1) 234

The suggestion in summary about financial data is, as Australian's might say, a "Furphy".

Sensitive data like your bank transactions are not protected through copyright, but trust arrangements/contract between parties, and privacy laws.

Financial data information, such as public company profit and loss statements would surely be reproducible without copyright constraints. Then again accountants have been known to be creative

Comment Re:No way. (Score 1) 979

Oh come on. I don't even have a computer that can pick up stuff in my room and organize it without prior input, and nobody does, and that would not be close to a general AI when it happens.

How many Nobel Laureates do you know pick up stuff in their room?

Comment Re:Economics (Score 1) 1142

I agree on the comment that Economics is based on faith. It is a belief system. Having faith in an economic theory and acting accordingly affects economic outcomes. Most 101 classes in economics will build a shaky case on top of a bunch of unreasonable assumptions. For an interesting book that undermines the assumption that we all make rational, optimal economic decisions check out:

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