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Comment Re:It's Not Hans (Score 1) 348

Ah I did forget about that default. I do know about the quality of anecdotes (it's why "support horror stories" never move my buying decisions much) but the run time of a full fsck is a well-known problem.

Maybe Reiser4 fixed all that, but now it does go back to the politics of picking a fs with no stable developer base.

Comment Re:Googles-to-Apples Comparison (Score 1) 445

Nor does it come with a mini-usb to phono patch cable. The earphones that come with the phone oddly enough end in actual earphones.

Yes, getting an adapter is not a big deal, but it's a technical hurdle you can't surmount if you don't carry it with you or keep it in your car. My point was that bluetooth is supposed to free us of this nonsense, but I still don't see it making any inroads for home or car stereo equipment.

Comment Re:I am not surprised (Score 1) 445

> The best part is if I select a restaurant it will bring up pertinent info on that restaurant such as its phone number and opening hours.

Actually what's really nice is you can then flip between the map and the Zagat reviews (or whatever you have in Oz) while you listen to some tunes to pass the time, then when you find one you like, call the restaurant, browse their menu on your phone while you're on the phone, quickly put your reservation into a reminder, then flip back to the menu while still on the call.

Minus the background tunes, I did exactly that just the other day, and I'm hardly some kind of tech wizard (I don't even read my email most days).

Comment Re:Bad Coffee? Speak for yourself. (Score 1) 620

Same here: Peets coffee, bagels on mondays, fresh fruit on tuesdays and wednesdays. They did cut down on the travel and bumped up the teleconferencing. Except for getting to travel a few of the nicer European offices, that's actually kind of a bonus.

Just keeping the loyalty of a handful of critical engineers can really make or break a tech company that depends on actual innovation and research. They'd be stupid to drop any of these small perks.

Comment Re:While slightly humorous (Score 2, Insightful) 208

For me it's not so much the mockery as the snarky self-righteousness mixed with credulity. There's a big list of folks who I'd like to keep from propagating their kind of stupidity, and the people who click "forward" on every "Darwin Award" announcement are way up there on it.

Slashdot editors: Take Darwin's picture off this. He deserves better.

Comment Re:Intel branding considered harmful (Score 1) 235

The first digit in an nvidia model number is the generation, the second denotes how hopped-up the card is. The 6800 Ultra had some pretty decent memory bandwidth that isn't even matched by a mid-range 8600, but an 8800 will blow it out of the water. Suffice to say that the difference between the 8600 and the 8800 is way more than it was between the 6600 and the 6800. Your 8600 supports shader model 4 however, while your 6800 does not, so that would come in useful to newer games that take advantage of it (which is unfortunately not all that many).

Fact is though, a game like Frets on Fire shouldn't choke, and I suspect your problem is driver-related. NVidia's 19x series of drivers frankly just suck, and I would downgrade to the 18x series if you can. If you're on Linux, there's a utility that makes it easy to switch to older versions, but its name escapes me.

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