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Comment Re:Look past the article's version of the cast ... (Score 1) 181

Definitely. This is already the case for taxicabs, with their de facto $1 million medallions. Now the city is protecting "big hotel", with the excuse that landlords might be kicking out their tenants in order to obtain more profit by renting out via AirBnB. Aren't there already laws on how and when tenants can be evicted? If these are being broken, enforce them. If they aren't good enough, pass new ones. This is rule by fiat, not by law. It's amazing how many politicians in the US find it too difficult to actually conceive, propose, and pass legislation.

When Does the Universe Compute? 182

KentuckyFC writes "The idea that every physical event is a computation has spread like wildfire through science. That has triggered an unprecedented interest in unconventional computing such as quantum computing, DNA computing and even the ability of a single-celled organism, called slime mold, to solve mazes. However, that may need to change now that physicists have worked out a formal way of distinguishing between systems that compute and those that don't. One key is the ability to encode and decode information. 'Without the encode and decode steps, there is no computation; there is simply a physical system undergoing evolution,' they say. That means computers must be engineered systems based on well understood laws of physics that can be used to predict the outcome of an abstract evolution. So slime mold fails the test while most forms of quantum computation pass."

Comment Foundation (Score 3, Insightful) 598

Until you've programmed ASM for a micro controller, you really don't know what's going on under the hood, and you're almost certainly doomed to create bloated, slow-as-mud compared to what it *could* be, code.

Sit down with a 6809 system emulation and learn about stacks and heaps and PIC and addressing modes and registers and memory and IO and optimizing loops and etc. Then you've got a foundation. Then C and a linker AND a debugger, then something OO, then HTML, CSS, Python, PostgreSQL, follow the basic PostgreSQL with detailed DB stuff, make sure the math is there through at least algebra and geometry, explain 3D from acos() as pooltable reflection to the various lighting tech... this would be a good first year or possibly two.

You best learn to solve problems by... wait for it... solving problems.

Comment Re:Hey guys, seriously. (Score 1) 286

Okay. Let's examine a person who obsessively builds wealth by providing value and expecting compensation. Isn't that just ransoming your own ability? You're essentially saying "I could do all of these wonderful things for everyone, but I won't, because I believe I need recognition for my actions in the form of these many little rectangles of paper that I may or may not someday use to reward someone else for the same thing."

On its own, this is the fast road to total economic deflation; people stop exchanging goods and services because they lose the ability to, necessitating inventions like bracketed income tax and programmed inflation simply to keep the system stable. The economy may not even be growing if the products are perishables like food, and yet the scales continually tip themselves towards exhaustion. (The sole exception is when a company's employees are its entire and only customer base and the money just circulates back and forth, never growing or shrinking due to interaction with the outside world.)

I would still say that a university overcharging in its food facilities (which they inevitably seem to do) qualifies as immoderate, since the whole campaign amounts to a significant profit; it's merely distributed, as with most sophisticated forms of money-extraction, e.g. high-frequency trading.

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