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Comment Re:WINE compatibility (Score 1) 548

I was a "dual-booter" on my desktop (Windows for Games, GNU/Linux for everything else plus nix on the laptop) for around 11 years. About 7 months ago, I threw away my Win7 install and went pure GNU/Linux. There very few things that I miss, mainly games. I've been tempted to try Cross-over, but would really like to see some big titles on Linux.

Comment Re:If you've nothing to hide... (Score 1) 878

First of all, "you don't know me" is appropriate in this situation. I grew up far from a cocoon, well below poverty level, frequently living in shit areas with bad influence. However, I put myself through school, and now make enough money that I am comfortable and can support myself and my girlfriend. Second of all, my point is not to compare my job to a police officer, but to point out: If you can't handle the job, you should not be doing it. I'm friends with a few cops, some of them do it for the money (some of them make upwards of 60,000-70,000 a year; which is damn good for not having a degree). Some of them do it because they love the work. None of them behave this way. If your temper or mental state doesn't allow you to do a job with the professionalism due the position, you shouldn't be doing it. Police officers also have authority, firearms, and a rather large fraternity. They should be held to a standard that does those privileges honor, not disgrace.

Comment Re:If you've nothing to hide... (Score 1) 878

I deal with people that infuriate me all of the time at work. Guess what? Part of my job is acting professionally and courteously toward my coworkers and to the clients that I speak with. If I don't, I lose my job. A police officer, being in a position of authority, should be even more cool-headed and professional. I don't want some hot-head with a gun going off because some dick in a sports car called him names.

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