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Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

MSDN keys ARE ILLEGAL, full stop, and are no better in that regard than TPB. The license for MSDN clearly states they are ONLY to be used on testing systems and NOT for resale and its douches selling keys that got MSFT to get rid of the cheaper MSDN options and severely restrict keys.

So I'm sorry but you might as well go TPB as you aren't anymore legal and the TPB version which also passes WGA,don't mean its a legal copy.

Comment Re:Free as in fuck you! (Score 2) 268

Nothing in the GPL prevents you from charging money for GPL licensed software. You appear to be confused on this point. Based on a large sample set of previous discussions on the effects and merits of various licensing schemes, I suspect you are also confused on the definition of the word "freedom." In case you're not confused, but offering a goalpost moving teaser into a discussion on the latter point, I'll preemptively note that neither you nor Stallman get to redefine words to fit any particular ideology. I choose to license most of my software under derivatives of BSD style and Artistic licenses, and I do so for what I believe are good reasons. While I absolutely encourage you to engage in persuasive public discourse on the merits of your favorite licensing schemes, I also absolutely insist on honesty while doing so.

Comment Re:Oh, man, what a mess (Score 2) 151

Showing yet again that there is a reason why I like Comodo when it comes to security when Comodo found out their certs were vulnerable thanks to heartbleed Comodo got on the ball replacing certs ASAP.

No company is perfect, every company will fuck up now and then, but the nice thing about Comodo is when they see a problem they don't try to bury it or play the blame game. Instead they announce "here is the problem and here is what we are doing about it" and then they DO IT, no stalling or bullshitting. In the case of heartbleed as companies patch their sites they can get a fresh key, no muss no fuss.

Comment Re:Well, yeah (Score 1) 134

I personally think we should thank Obama as he has shown us that voting is without a doubt POINTLESS and that all you can do is grab as much as you can from "big mommy" government and wait for the inevitable collapse. The ones I feel sorry for are the ones that believed in Obama and in the voting process, the ones that held voter drives and went door to door and busted ass to get Obama elected only to find they might as well have given Bush a third term for all the good it did.

Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

If you are gonna use an illegal key why not just use the pirate version? I never understood paying someone for an obviously non-legit key, because sooner or later its gonna get blackballed and if that is the case why not just go TPB and call it a day.

Comment Re:Simple math (Score 1) 245

You called? Its really not hard at all to build a sub $500 system that will game quite good, for example we can go AMD Hexacore for $224 after MIR, add $15 for a DVD burner, $55 for a 500GB-1TB drive (depending on what is on sale), and Win 7 Home 64bit for $100 that frankly nearly every build ignores when figuring price....final total? $394, $494 if you get the GPU I'd recommend, the HD7790.

We can go even cheaper if we went with one of the new APUs and many review sites show they do quite well with gaming up to 1080p and at the most common resolution (1600x900 last I checked) they do VERY well. We start with This quad core APU kit for $320 and simply add the Win 7 HP from above....final total? $424. This is of course taking the path of least resistance, if I were to price each part separately and go for the bargains, like for instance grab one of the Athlon X3s where I'm seeing better than 70% unlocks? I could probably shave another $30-$50 off the final total.

So anybody that says gaming can only be done on some $1200 monster is frankly full of bull. Hell my gaming system cost less than $600 and by watching the sales I got an AMD hexacore with 8GB of RAM, 3TB of HDD space, and an HD7750 that plays all the games I like on Win 7 HP smooth as butter.

Comment Re:Medical doctor (Score 1) 737

Dating is easier when you have resources, such as ample food, that are in demand. However, you may not want to be so quick to disregard the primitive bow and arrow factor, as such projectile weapons are also capable of dispatching you when used by competing males. Arrows readily traverse pits.

Comment Re:more pseudo science (Score 4, Informative) 869

Which track record is that?

  • Spontaneous generation
  • Lamarckian inheritance
  • Miasma
  • Bloodletting
  • Aether
  • Java Man

Be careful putting too much faith in almighty science. They've been wrong before, you know. A lot. And people died because of it.

You show a bunch of ideas that, when exposed to science, got shot down as objectively wrong pretty quickly. Sounds like the process works.

Want to list 6 current sciency ideas that are wrong but the scientific community considers reasonable? I'll give you a few to start you off:

1. Humans are not changing the climate. Current verdict: wrong. Supporters: a few loons. Evidence: about nil.
2. Evolution is wrong. Current verdict: wrong. Supporters: a few loons. Evidence: nil.
3. Vaccines cause autism. Current verdict: wrong. Supporters: a few loons. Evidence: nil.

I'm sure Slashdot2114 will be debating the bad science ideas that existed in 2014. Some will claim history shows science is death. Smarter people will note that imbeciles, public relations people, lobbyists, and trolls have always added noise and generally slowed the dissemination of knowledge.

Where do you stand, PR Man?

Comment Re:Linux is not an Operating System (Score 1) 144

GnuPG implements RFC4880. See also the OpenPGP alliance. GnuTLS implements SSL, TLS and DTLS. See also OpenSSL and PolarSSL.

Your userland software may or may not link against GnuTLS. It's probably more likely to link against OpenSSL.

It's important to understand the mechanisms involved with software that provides facilities for securing information both locally and in transit to others. It's nearly as important to do a bit of research on said mechanisms before engaging in discussions on them.

Comment Re:Why? Is it really necessary? (Score 1) 187

When was the last time you were party to a serious information security audit? I get the feeling you don't protect data of substantial value for a living.

In any event, this only protects against internal incompetence rather than external malice, so is not a necessary part of running a secure system.

You forgot to mention internal malice.

Comment Re:No more iptables (Score 1) 187

As I mentioned in a previous /. story regarding nftables, iptables isn't "going away." You neglected to mention that nftables provides backward compatibility with iptables, while allowing significant new functionality. A huge amount of infrastructure utilizes iptables rules, and nftables isn't intended to break that.

There is no confusion of tons of admins here.

Comment Re:Isn't the upshot the same? (Score 2) 325

Because the H1-Bs are indentured servants they can pay them Mickey D's wages and your US tech workers can't live on Mickey wages thanks to our degrees costing 10-20 times as much as theirs? Not to mention unlike before where a person could get an entry level and continue to get an education while getting real world experience thanks to the H1-Bs you have an arms race where you need more and more degrees (and deeper and deeper debt) just to get ANY job other than lackey?

Perhaps you should watch How NOT to hire an American which is a training video by a law firm that specializes in H1-Bs to show how rigged and fucked up the system TRULY is. At the end of the day you are crippling the country in return for short term gains, as India gets a large pool of tech workers and plenty of money coming in for infrastructure and new businesses, while in america the business districts look like ghost towns and the roads and bridges fall down around you.

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