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Comment No - Free Speech (Score 1) 295

No you can't erase yourself from the internet. Free Speech means people can talk about you. They can talk about where you live, what you did, and all the things they hate about you. You may be able to erase a few things you posted here or there, but you can't erase history without trampling on peoples civil rights.

Comment Re:The Fight is Over Channels (Score 1) 129

Nope. Publishers were still setting wholesalse prices in the distributor model. When Amazon set price at $9.99 for a book with a $20 suggested retail price the publisher was making $9.99 on the book. Under agency model they set the prices at $15 and got to keep 2/3s. So they made $9.99 per book. Publishers made more money per book in the distributtor model because with lower prices there were more sales. But driving sales to digital would kill the whole point of having a publisher. Publishers only provide benifit to authors in the print world. They are dinosours and they know it. So they intentionally raised prices to slow digital down. And they used an agreement that made sure other publishers did the same.

Comment Democracy (Score 0) 800

I don't understand the above statement. Obama is the democratically elected comander in chief. This memo that leaked was a memo to Congress. Congress is still democratically elected. Assasinating terrorists American or otherwise is hugely popular in the United States. Obama would not have been elected if he was against it. There is nothing paticullarly communist or capitalist about assasination either.

Comment What is due process here? (Score 1) 800

So What? They still exist and some branch of our goverment must deal with them. Leadership of an army located outside US soil is not going to turn themselves over to a trial. Do you want a show trail where the accused is convicted without them being present? Do you want Congress to vote on who we assasinate? Some sort of assasination warrent process where the courts approve assasinations proposed by the president? None of those is legal.

Comment Price Fixing (Score 1) 384

The US has the first-sale doctrine. The first sale doctrine doesn't say that the company selling you the good has to enable or help you resell. It just says that they can't prevent you from reselling using legal means (i.e. lawsuits, injunctions, etc).

I don't believe the above is true. The first-sale doctrine is part of US Anti Trust laws. Any effort to shut down second hand markets could be prosecuted under anti trust laws. The whole point of these locks is price fixing.

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