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Comment Re:L5 (Score 1) 444

If the case is that ships can reach L5 and the moon for a similar amount of energy expenditure and the landing gear only is a small part of the overall craft mass, then I will readily agree with you as I also appreciate the benefits of working on the Moon's surface. However, what I envision is actually little more than a remotely operated fuel depot in L5, with human visits for maintenance being part of the refuelling. Please see

Comment Re:Ice (Score 1) 444

Reference links for above post: WISE: Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Methane/ Liquid Oxygen Rocket : ASRG: JAXA solar sail: These are the off the shelf components. The robotics that will convert the asteroid to fuel will admittedly require some exiting engineering.

Comment Re:Ice (Score 1) 444

Of course this post pretends to ignore that there are probably no pure methane ice/water ice asteroids out there, and even if they did exist the technical capability to convert them to fuel on the spot has not yet been fully realised. Snow line is where water remains solid even in view of the sun, about 2.7 AU. Steam propulsion might also be an idea, as mentioned.

Comment Ice (Score 1) 444

Agreed. Only not a near-Earth, but a body just beyond the "snow-line, say 3 to 7 AU away. An object about to be discovered by WISE. Piggy back a methane/LOX rocket onto a Stirling ion drive, say the ASRG, get to a frozen methane/water ice body under Ion drive power and make in situ fuel in inflatable or sub surface tanks. Blast back to Earth L5 with a JAXA solar sail-like shade deployed towards the Sun to prevent sublimation. In less than a decade we will have a gas station in space, with the reasonable "price at the pump" to fund access to fresh water for our fellow human beings on Earth. Spin and centre of gravity issues will be dealt with by our greatest minds and a lot of processing power. Note that most components are off the shelf, the cost of such a mission can easily be under 2.3B with two launches a year for a few years to replenish the methane and water supply at L5 and improve the initial design. Refuelling capacity at the top of our gravity well is the Holy Grail of future space exploration. This post marks the publication of my intent to make this happen. End Rant. Contact me if you have similar intent.

Submission + - Wikileaks founder accused of molestation (

vaguestalker writes: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has a warrant issued for his arrest in Sweden. From the article, its not really clear when the alleged rape and molestation occured, and the Wikileaks Twitter feed says: "No-one here has been contacted by Swedish police". The timing is a bit disturbing, as Wikileaks is set to release 15.000 more documents about the US Millitary in the coming weeks.

Comment Re:How to Pay? (Score 1) 105

The site you refer to doesn't seem to even provide a Tonga service. I also notice they pretend to be a country in themselves when marketing their Casino license service. Regretfully this field also has a lot of "black hats" operating within it, not necessarily these guys, yet the indications are there. When shopping for services like that its always better to look at vendors that operate from a slightly better regulated jurisdiction, like for example Cyprus. Here is an example of company formation professionals that are trustworthy. Tread lightly in the murky tax haven shallows.

Comment Re:slicehost (Score 1) 456

For a dedicated server go to they have the best value and the best bandwidth pricing. Ok, English often is not the first language of their support people (I'd say probably its Russian), but they are more than proficient enough in it to get the job done, and they seem to be gurus. For VPS slicehost is probably one of the best choices you can make, I'll agree on that. But for dedicated you can experiment with different configurations here and if you have a high volume site they will get you a special deal.

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